Friday 31 July 2015

Raccoon City Police Department/Tired Minds - Split 7"


1. Raccoon City Police Department - Adults
2. Raccoon City Police Department - Children
3. Tired Minds - Funeral's Home
4. Tired Minds - TV Men

Here's a brand new split record featuring Aussie screamo/hardcore band Raccoon City Police Department, who only released their debut full-length LP in February and compatriots Tired Minds (who are completely new to me. Tired Minds have been going since 2012 and have one full-length, one EP and now this 7". It's been released by Spit The Dummy, who've been busy this year already, having released RCPD's debut LP with UK label Dog Knights Productions and also their first tape in form of the second EP from Regresser. It seems that now is most definitely the time to check out what our Australian cousins are doing to screamo and melodic hardcore, after all, there's more to the country than Parkway Drive!

RCPD kick off with a angular slab of music that’s closer to punk than that of the sound on their debut LP Nightlife. The semi-clean/grungy vocals sit alongside instrumentation that starts off technical and then spreads out into a sprawling and majestic passage, with clean guitars and a mid-paced tempo. The song’s lyrics are full of emotion and are powerfully engrossing. The cleansing emotion of Adults fades and its anger that greets you on Children. There’s actually a heady metal influences going on, which is blended into the music really effectively. I can hear it anyway, even you tell me that I’m wrong later on! However you approach RCPD’s side of this split, what’s obvious is how bright their talent is. If they carry on producing music in this vein, they’re gonna be something special. As I said at the top of this review, I know very little about Tired Minds. Their first number Funeral’s Home starts like with hefty passage of…I guess you could say emo-violence, before slowing down and becoming a lot more atmospheric. That’s something I’ve not really talked about in this review yet but something that is very really throughout the record.TV Men finishes things off on a crunching and jarring note, full of tense hardcore. Tired Minds come across as very assured and being a more established band, they should be. I like their more straightforward approach but can’t take anything away from RCPD. Both bands are excellent overall and this split it well worth picking up. 

Stream the split here and throw some money down for a download if you can:-

The 7" is limited to 150 copies on lovely clear wax with purple splatter. Grab one from Spit The Dummy Recs here -

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