Wednesday 8 July 2015

All Out War - Dying Gods EP


1. Dying Gods
2. Vengeance Reigns Eternal 
3. Nothing Left To Bleed
4. Servants To The Obsolete
5. Choking On Indifference
6. Arise
7. God Is Dead

All Out War's near 25 year existence has seen them release five full-lengths, as well as countless singles and EPs. They were on Victory Records during it's heyday, prior to the pop-punk take over. They've taken their hardcore infused metal all over the world, including playing recent reunion shows at This Is Hardcore and the A389 Bash last year. Now they're back with a new EP that's been released  by cult US label Organized Crime Records. They're coming to Europe in August and will be playing in London as part of the tour as well as playing the mighty Ieperfest in Belgium. This EP brings together five brand new songs as well as covers of classic tracks by Amebix and Carnivore!

Dying Gods begins in true All Out War style, with the slow and crunching title-track. A sub-two minute blast of anger that builds you up for Vengeance Reigns Eternal. AOW’s crossover is all present and correct here with no pretence, just solid straight-ahead mosh. Even in 2015, AOW’s sound seems to pre-date metalcore, though you can see here where many of those bands gained their influences. Towards the end of the song, their social conscience shows itself in the form of a spine tingling sample. Nothing Left To Bleed carries that conscience on with themes of war and religion. There’s a huge heap of urgency in this song and the solo makes it a standout track. At times, it reminds of Boysetsfire too. Hearing music of this quality reminds you that bands still have passion for what they do and respect for the fans that hold them in such high regard. Sometimes, bands reunite for the money and not the fun or pass off a half-baked album as something else but All Out War are the exact opposite. Servants To The Obsolete could be a ode to the scene that was their home in their earlier years, but whatever, it’s brimming with aggression and true feeling. Who needs the current incarnation of Slayer when you’ve got songs such as Choking On Indifference. It’s raging and the pace, breakdowns and screams all work to make it even better. Most modern day “hardcore” bands don’t write hardcore like this anymore, but they should! They go from bludgeoning hardcore to their own take on the crust of Amebix with a cover of Arise. They pay tribute to Pete Steele with a cover of Carnivore’s God Is Dead as well, so you’re truly spoilt. All out War prove that they are definitely in it for the right reasons with this EP and have put out one of the best this year so far. It’s out now, so check it out!

The EP has been uploaded to Youtube by the band. Check out Vengeance Reigns Eternal below:-

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