Saturday 15 August 2015

Bleach Everything/Vors - Split 7"


1. Bleach Everything - The Moaner
2. Vors - Mood Swinger

If I could quit work and find a way to live (comfortably) doing this, I would. I hate office politics. Anyway, enough ranting from me. Here's a 7" that came out in October last year via Magic Bullet Records. Richmond (VA) band Bleach Everything and solo-project Vors combined to put two tracks  onto wax for this split. For the uninitiated, Bleach Everything contains members of Iron Reagan and Suppression, while Vors is a project related to Ides Of Gemini, so the pedigree should be strong in this one. 

Pressing play on this split is like literally venturing into the unknown for me. It starts with Bleach Everything and The Moaner, which opens like a thrash song. The vocals sound like whispers turned up to the max and it’s off-kilter too. Weird noise is all good. Talking of weird noise, Vors take things further down that path with a goth-like number in the form of Mood Swinger. This isn’t what I was expecting at all, but the combination of goth and black-metal like growls are strongly alluring. It’s over pretty quickly but it highlights the experimentation that goes on when people are allowed to venture from their main bands. I can get into this!

Stream the split here:-

You can purchase a digital version of the split from Magic Bullet's bandcamp page above or you can get it physically here -

Bleach Everything Facebook -
Vors Facebook -
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