Monday 3 August 2015

Slope - Helix


1. Intro
2. Helix
3. Thorns
4. Washout
5. Mermaid
6. Bark 'n Bite

At the back end of last year, UK label Footloose Records released the debut EP by German hardcore band Slope. It was released on tape, while a 7" version was put out by Backbite Records (Germany). Slope have continued a sharp upward trend in quality Euro hardcore recently and have managed to bag shows alongside bands like Harms Way and Angel Dust this year, as well as with countless other. They've just recently finished a lengthy stint in Europe too, so there's no denying their work ethic.

Slope very much come from the groove-laden end of the hardcore spectrum and show it in their Intro. The title-track gathers that groove and injects in plenty of pace. Even if you’re listening to this in your house, you’ll be hard pressed not to move around in some form as their solid riffs take hold. It’s not to tough-guy either, which is a plus. Keeping things swift and to the point is another selling point with Slope, as Thorns keeps the momentum going well. Agnostic Front springs to mind during the latter half of the song, which is no bad reference point at all, even with the R’N’B sample towards then end which is a bit random. Thrash is the word as Washout rings through the speakers. It’s mighty good song too! The groove that opened up Helix is once again ushered in during Mermaid. The production on the EP lends itself really well to Slope’s angry hardcore, as it’s not too polished and allows them to still express plenty of true feeling. You think that closing song Bark ’n Bite is going to be a mid-paced chugger, before Slope turn on a dime and continue their full scale assault. This is the longest song on the EP, but don’t worry it’s not a progressive rock opera or anything! The rhythm section is really punchy while the lead work is more prominent throughout. Slope threaten full-on breakdowns but never rely on them to hammer home their point. The vocals are vicious enough as it is. This is a quick-fire blast of genuinely strong hardcore and I’m hoping for more from these guys in the future.

You can stream and download (name-your-price) Helix via Slope's bandcamp page below:-

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