Sunday 9 August 2015

Teef/Minors - Split Tape & Teef - Admit Defeat 7"

A lots been happening Brighton recently. Firstly, noisy punk/metal trio War Wolf called it a day and then related punks Teef did that same thing shortly after. This post gathers together their split tape with Minors that was released last year, as well as their final 7"/Tape Admit Defeat. Just like War Wolf, Teef went out on high by playing Temples Festival as well as generally playing everywhere on the South Coast recently.


1. Teef - Living For The Sake Of It!
2. Minors - Not Waving, But Drowning

This tape was released at the back end of 2014. Containing one track fro Teef and one from Canadian heavy punks Minors. Keeping it in the family is something Teef do well and this tape was released by Headless Guru Records. HGR released the Minors demo on tape in 2013 and it was only the label's fourth release at the time. The tape itself features the usually high attention to detail that you always get with HGR release. The card case featuring the awesome artwork on the front, while you've got all the usual credits and song-titles on the back. Add to that the lyric sheet included and the colourful orange tape and you're on to a winner!

Teef’s side is full of snotty UK punk aggression. Living For The Sake Of It! is more classic punk than pop punk and it’s over before it’s started. The recording gives them a great raw edge, with live percussion that’s not been put through any filters, actual riffs and unhinged vox. Like Teef, this is the first recording from Minors since their demo in 2013. Not Waving, But Drowning is immediately straight-in-your-face. Stylistically Minors sound is heavier and more metallic, but they to incorporate their fare share of punk. The drum rhythms at the mid-point are a two-steppers wet dream and they round the split is chaotic fashion.

Physical tapes have sold out from both HGR and from the bands, but you can still get a free stream and download here:-


1. Scum
2. Cathartic Release
3. Consumed
4. Pressure
5. Erase Them
6. Erase Yourself
7. Voices
8. Still Here
9. Paid In Years
10. Wasted Life

Teef's epitaph came in the form of this 7". It was delayed due to the ever-growing clusterfuck that is Record Store Day but was well worth the wait when it did arrive. There was a tape version released by CoF Records as well earlier this year, which came with different artwork as well as CD version from HGR. The 7' version is one of the nicest I've seen for ages. The record itself is pressed onto glow-in-the-dark yellow vinyl and is housed in a really sturdy sleeve. It was collaborative release by Headless Guru Records, Tadpole Records, Let The Bastards Grind and Animal Defence Records. 

It’s a nice effort being able to fit ten songs onto a 7”. Opener Scum is utterly chaotic and pulls no punches when it comes to Teef’s hatred of others. They let their anger go on the aptly named Cathartic Release. There’s plenty of crossover appeal on Consumed, with thrash-filled riffs all the way through the song. They somehow manage to make shorter songs like Pressure still seem longer. There’s plenty going on and that feeling is helped by it’s stop-start nature. Erase Them closes out side A with a barrage of riffs, cymbal crashes and deafening feedback. Side B is even more of a shit-grinning pleasure to listen to. Erase Yourself definitely contains some War Wolf influence in the chugging guitar intro. From there though, things get messy! Four songs in about two-and-a-half minutes. Voices ends before you can say it’s name while Still Here flirts with both sludge-groove and powerviolence. Paid In Years talks about pointless existence and Wasted Life is just as negative, but not in musical terms. Teef have proved that it’s better to burnout than to fade away, which has been the case with so many quality punk bands over the years. It’s sad to them depart but from their ashes, new things will rise. 

You can grab the 7" and CD from Teef here and it's available for name-your-price-download too:-

Links to Teef, Minors that the labels involved are below:-

Teef Facebook -
Minors Facebook -
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Tadpole Records Facebook -
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