Monday 17 August 2015

Predatory Light - MMXIV 10"


1. Changing Skins
2. Spiritual Flesh

When I came to write this opening paragraph I got writer's block. I couldn't think of what to say, so I sat and pondered for a while. I suppose that's the kind of effect this secretive black/doom trio wants to achieve. After forming in 2011 it took them three years to release this as a demo tape. They also released it digitally before Pesanta Urfolk gained interest enough to put out a 10" earlier this year. Knowing that Predatory Light's members have pretty extensive experience in the US extreme metal underground, you should be in safe hands here. The mystery and elusiveness surrounding them should up the excitement too.

Opener Changing Skins begins in a folky vein before swirling black metal takes over. The vocals sit deep in the mix and bring to mind another well known US entity that has links to this band. One minute it’s doomed-out and the next it’s icy cold. The guitar provide plenty of foreboding melody while the drums flail and cymbals crash in metallic harmony. There’s a much more claustrophobic feel to second track Spiritual Flesh, created by it’s crawling pace. After a short while, Predatory Light once again hit the loud pedal. They switch between raucous black metal passages and slow sections throughout the song’s near 11-minute playing time. Both songs present a really good introduction to Predatory Light. If you're into mournful doom-laden black metal, check this out.

Stream MMXIV here:-

It's available as a name-your-price download from Predatory Light's bandcamp page above.

You can buy the 10" from Pesanta Urfolk here -

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