Thursday 19 November 2020

Youth Novel - Turned Around Abruptly Beside A Mirror And Jumped At My Own Reflection EP

Labels: Skeletal Lightning/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 23 Jul 2014


1. I

2. II

3. III

4. IV

It's surprisingly still everywhere this evening. It's as if people have decided that silence is the best option. I'm not complaining, though I might be about to shatter that silence, albeit briefly thanks to this EP from short lived US emotional hardcore band Youth Novel. It was released on tape and digitally via Skeletal Lightning and Zegema Beach Records back in 2014. Youth Novel also released a split with Coma Regalia, a single-sided lathe record and appeared on the Eight Feet Under Vol.1 split before a long period of silence.

Youth Novel’s music doesn’t hang around very long on this EP and opener ‘I’ is a great mix of frantic hardcore and jangly emo. The harsh vocals take the lead, but are joined by clean singing to calm the nerves, as the instrumentation covers both off both bases. The sound is dramatic at times but is also super musical. Even after all these years, I’m still blown away by the creativity and musicianship of bands that seemingly went under most people’s radar.’ II’ is considerably shorter than this EP’s opener but you wouldn’t know. The way that Youth Novel crafts and delivers this song is remarkable given it’s running time. Their instrumentation and vocals allow it to linger for way longer than it’s sub two-minute length.

There’s something slightly more mainstream about ‘III’ but only in the riffs, which seem to take from indie (and not the boring kind). It’s not artsy but it has something about it that’s hard to ignore and while the band drags everything back in a heavier direction over time, there’s no denying the infectious feel of the music. EP closer ‘IV’ seems to explode in volume as the melodic guitars ring out. It’s quite fitting that the longest song here is also the last but that often works best and here it’s no different. Caustic at times but also brilliantly layered.

Life might throw you many curveballs right now but there’s always the warm embrace of music to comfort you. What better way to find comfort than in bands like Youth Novel. This EP (and band) may have come and gone without many of you noticing, but it’s not too late to reverse that. Brilliant.

Youth Novel -

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Physical tape copies are fully sold out. Maybe there will be a repress someday.

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