Thursday 12 November 2020

Bobby Singer - Salvation

Labels: APB Records/Crapoulet Records/En Soiree Je Danse Pas/Fresh Outbreak Records/Wacky Cats

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 26 Jun 2020


1. Demain

2. L'apogee De La Mediocrite

3. Pour Avancer

4. Qu'importe Les Autres

5. Nouse Sommes

6. Leurs Regardes

7, Morne

8. Une Indecene Resplendissante

9. En Cedres

This review focuses on another band that featured on my 10th anniversary compilation. Bobby Singer is a French solo hardcore punk project and Salvation is the band's debut full-length, following the release of the EP Casse in 2018. It was released via a whole heap of labels, who're listed above and will be linked below.

Album opener ‘Demain’ was the song that featured on my compilation. While initially it comes across a bit like a Jimmy Eat World song, it suddenly builds into something more akin to the cinematic and energetic post-hardcore of bands like Snapcase and even fellow countrymen Kazan. For a solo project this is remarkably delivered. ‘L’apogee De La Medioctrite’ takes that whole old-school hardcore sound and adds in melodic guitars and high-tempo drumming. The vocals are shouted but also layered so it sounds like there are more than one vocalist on the recording, which is pretty crafty and it works really well.

Bobby Singer does throw some down-tempo songs onto Salvation and ‘Pour Avancer’ is one such number. It’s only down-tempo because of it’s slower pace and low-end melodies but it’s got plenty of bite in the right areas. The album gets darker still as the opening bars of ‘Qu’importe Les Autres’ come into view. The musical ability and the way in which Bobby Singer weaves and builds atmosphere during the lengthy instrumental passages is something to behold. The song is nearly five-minutes in length and it’s not till midway through that the vocals kick in again. Now I know where the Snapcase comparison truly fits in!

Before you know it ‘Nous Sommes’ is dragging you to the second half of Salvation with lumbering and sorrow-filled post-hardcore. When held up alongside the native vocal delivery (as on the rest of the album), it comes to life even more. This is a really enjoyable release, filled with subtle twists and turns so far. As if Bobby Singer knew and indeed felt that it was needed, the album’s second half truly comes alive with ‘Leurs Regards’ thanks to it’s urgent disposition. It’s still dark in places but it doesn’t stay that way for too long.

Despite it’s title, ‘Morne’ isn’t the slab of misery you’d expect. Expertly played bass is prominent in places on here and adds extra groove to the music, while the now familiar sound is as listenable as  it was during the album’s first bars. Added trebly guitar-work helps build drama towards the song’s close as well. From that to a straight-up hardcore-punk rager in the form of ‘Une Indecence Resplendissante’ and it couldn’t be more danceable. Even with things coming to a close, the sudden burst of energy you get from this song is just what the doctor ordered. 

It’s down to album closer ‘En Cendres’ to bring those energy levels back down, at least for a minute before melodic, slightly metallic guitars and authoritative percussion take over. It rounds things out perfectly. Salvation is an impressive album. It’s not too heavy and has enough melody to appeal to both old and new-school fans of the genre. It gives a great first impression if this is the first time you hear Bobby Singer.

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