Friday 20 November 2020

Crostpaths - Mutated EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 27 Nov 2020


1. Rampage

2. Hiding In Plain Sight

3. Defiant

I've realised that I don't cover much music prior to it's release. It happens after release date more often than not. This review is a little different though as it features the soon-to-be-released (27-Nov-2020) EP from Kent's Crostpaths. They call themselves a nu-metalcore band and while that may seem frightening, but let's reserve judgement until this EP ends. I'm also a little embarrassed to to say that Crostpaths fit into my 'don't trust a band without a Bandcamp page' drawer, but that's just me being picky. This UK quartet released their debut self-titled EP last year and as this year's pretty much been a write-off in live terms, let's show them some support as they bring new music into the world during the last month-or-so of this horrid year.

Here’s goes then. An electronic intro builds on opener ‘Rampage’ and gives way to heavy instrumentation and then rap-style shouting that brings to mind a cross between Hactivist, Hed PE and maybe Skindred. It’s well executed and the heavier sections certainly hit the spot, but the rapping is a bit much for me and there’s a tendency at times for the vocals to sound a bit too Americanised. I think I’m too old for this sub-genre now.

‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ is even more retro-sounding and if you like Mudvayne or American Head Charge, then parts of this will win you over for sure. Musically, the band are pretty tight though and they do pack a punch when they get going. EP closer ‘Defiant’ has the off-kilter riffs and djent influence flowing through it. It seems as though Crostpaths are still finding their sound and I have to say, it’s bold of them to go in this direction with it. The keytar towards the end is genius though!

Please excuse my slightly jaded view but having found my way to heavy music through the original wave of nu-metal, I realised there wasn’t much of it that was any good. This EP is a lot of fun and Crostpaths show a lot of promise, so if you can get passed the nu-metal influence then you’ll grow to really enjoy this. 

You can watch videos for both 'Rampage' and 'Defiant' via the band's Youtube channel below:-

Crostpaths -

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