Sunday 29 November 2020

Twin God - Deaths

Labels: Nefarious Industries

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 25 Sep 2020


1. Animate (Death Of The Creature)

2. You And I (Death Of The Twin)

I'm grouchy because I have no TV signal. Thankfully, no TV means no distractions and writing about/listening to some noisy music will help with my irritable mood. Or maybe it's because the weekend's nearly over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I don't know. Anyway, this release is something I came across when going through some unread e-mails yesterday. Deaths is a digital release by New Jersey, USA noise rock trio Twin God, which was released via Nefarious Industries in September. I can get down with any music where the vocals were recorded in a Honda CRV!

You know when you listen to something and you go “why haven’t I heard this band before?” That’s exactly what popped into my head when the progressive metallic riffs of EP opener ‘Animate (Death Of The Creature’ started rolling out of the speakers. Twin God plays a brand of noisy, heavy rock that rests in various camps musically, from heavy progressive metal, to sludge/psych, maybe some grunge and whatever it is that makes Couch Slut so endearing. Needless to say it’s awesome. The riffs set the tone, the percussive time-signatures groove steady for the most part before turning all stop/start, while the vocals are shouted yet the lyrics are audible.

Second song ‘You And I (Death Of The Twin)’ is quite harrowing. It’s tempo is slower and there’s a real sense of loss hidden in the depths amongst Twin God’s musical stew. As with the first song, it’s played with great precision and skill, which may be a strange thing to say about a noise rock band but it’s true. It gets lighter as well during the mid-section, when things go in an instrumental direction with some great prog guitar work and solos. Overall it twists and turns, going from dark to light and back to dark again. 

Recording-wise, it’s warm and alive. I can see why Nefarious Industries have helped to bring it to a wider audience. Hopefully, there will be a physical version on Deaths released at some point in the future. Twin God deserves it.

You can stream and download Deaths via Twin God's Bandcamp page below:-

Twin God -

It's also available from Nefarious Industries here -

Nefarious Industries -

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