Sunday 5 December 2021

The Ultimate Screamo Band - La Saison Du Champignon

Labels: Desordre Ordonne/Friendly Otter/GBS Records/Zegema Beach Records/Adorno Records/Lead Rivers Records

Formats: Vinyl(Lathe)/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 13 Dec 2015


1. La Raison Du Cabochon

2. Repenser

3. Bizarre Et Insistant

4. L'endette

5. Le Grand Suicide Pensant

I couldn't leave this review unpublished any longer, as I've writing and re-writing it for a few days now. This one is another Zegema Beach Records roster review, featuring French Canadian solo-screamo project The Ultimate Screamo Band. It's funny because the title of this release includes the name of my favourite type of beer as the moment (Saison), but that's a mere distraction. This EP was released back in late 2015 via a good few labels (all named above and according to Discogs). 

This EP’s playing time is less than five minutes it total, so I guess the fact that it was pressed onto a lathe cut 7” was due to it’s length (the tape copies were single-sided too, before you pull me up on that!). Opener ‘La Raison Du Cabochon’ is the essence of emoviolence, distilled into a sub one-minute song. Blistering instrumentation and vocals take no prisoners here.

‘Repenser’ is no different, albeit slightly longer. The vocals are way more piercing this time though, kinda reminding me of The Body (sorry for the unoriginal comparison). ‘Bizarre Et Insistant’ follows on immediately afterwards, providing no let up. It’s safe to say that The Ultimate Screamo Band might just be that! Trust me, they’re not boasting.

‘L’endette’ is musically brilliant from start to end and it proves once again that emoviolence/screamo can be beautiful, melodic and life-affirming all in one. EP closer ‘Le Grand Suicide Pensant’ is the longest song present on this release, clocking in at just under ninety seconds. Semantics aside, there’s a lo-fi quality to it’s beginning that makes you forget the caustic intensity that’s to come. 

La Saison Du Champignon goes by very quickly and definitely still holds up as the debut release from a band that turned up, destroyed everything and left (although the band isn’t fully gone). Emoviolence is fun. Be more like emoviolence.

You can stream the full EP and grab it as a free download below:-

The Ultimate Screamo Band -

All physical copies of this EP are long sold-out, as far as I can tell.

Desordre Ordonne -

Friendly Otter -

GBS Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Adorno Records -

Lead Rivers Records -

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