Wednesday 29 December 2021

Yotsuya Kaidan - Tired Of Tomorrow's You 7"

Labels: Dingleberry Records/Lifeisafunnything/Parking Lot Records/Rubaiyat Records/Samegrey Records/TRVS Records/Unlock Yourself Records/Upwind Records/Winter Sea Label/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date - 10 Apr 2016


1. High School Fights For The Ziggurat Falls

2. Feels Like Lucio Fontana's Canvas

3. Tasmanian Tigers

4. Stormo & Goliad

This is likely to be my last review of 2021. I apologise for the lack of activity over the last week. I received an early Christmas present in the form of Vertigo late last week and spent the last few days getting over it/spending the holiday with my parents and brother. There may be one more post between now and the New Year, as I have a couple of reviews from Mikey to post up, as long as the 'V' doesn't strike again.

This is a review I've been looking forward to writing for a little while, as not only is it another of my Zegema Beach Roster reviews, but it's also about a 7" that's part of my personal collection. I first cast ears on Ukraine's Yotsuya Kaidan back in 2017, thanks to the Too Sad To Tell You 7" that was released via Dong Knights Productions and A Fond d'Cale. I picked up a physical copy of this EP from ZBR earlier in the year on yellow vinyl.

According to Discogs and Yotsuya Kaidan’s own bandcamp page, this 7” was their first physical release. It stands up as the first body of work that existed during the band’s extremely productive early period between  2016 and 2017. What’s presented here are four short post-hardcore/screamo songs and EP opener ‘High School Fights For The Ziggurat Falls’ kicks things off with melodic blackened riffs, intense percussion/bass and harsh vocals delivered in the band’s native tongue. Dramatic is the best word I can use to describe this so far.

‘Feels Like Lucio Fontana’s Canvas’ springs into life immediately after a very brief pause, with a multi-vocal attack and a controlled explosion of violent screamo. It’s so hard to describe this, even after the many listens I’ve given it after my copy arrived. It’s one of those EP’s that will certainly have you coming back for more though.

Urgency is definitely a huge part of the sound invoked by Yotsuya Kaidan and penultimate song ‘Tasmanian Tigers’ is the perfect embodiment of that nuance. It’s a song that’s over before you know it, though there are still so many musical layers to take in as well. 

With last song ‘Stormo & Goliad’, Yotsuya Kaidan break out their longest piece and also their most anthemic (if that’s even possible!). The emotional, caustic and enthralling approach to their music is laid out for all to hear this last time, and there’s no escaping how heart-wrenchingly good it is. The band is still very much alive (they released an EP earlier this year), so if you’re still not familiar with them, there’s no time like the present. 

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Yotsuya Kaidan -


As far as I can tell, the only label that still officially has copies of this EP is ZBR. See the link below:-

Zegema Beach Records CAN/INTL -

Dingleberry Records -

Lifeisafunnything -

Parking Lot Records -

Rubaiyat Records -

Samegrey Records -

TRVS Records -

Unlock Yourself Records -

Upwind Records -

Winter Sea Label -

Zegema Beach Records -

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