Wednesday 22 December 2021

Release Premiere: Letterbombs/44.Caliberloveletter/Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios - 3-Way Split

Labels: Larry Records/Illuminate My Heart Records

Formats: 10" Single-Sided Lathe/Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2022

I posted on social media the other day to say that I had a few special 2022 release premieres incoming and here's the first one! It's a banger too, as its features three fast emoviolence bands; Letterbombs from Finland, 44.Caliberloveletter (R.I.P) from Sweden and Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios from Argentina. To help spread the word about this release. I have one song from each band to bring you below:-

Having had an early listen to the whole split, I can tell you that it's definitely going to be worth the wait. Emoviolence/screamo is gonna be strong in 2022 for sure!

In terms of the release itself, it'll be limited to 50 copies on clear lathe-cut wax. Peek the picture below for a visual idea of what the release will look like:-

The full release will be available for streaming on bandcamp (via Larry Records here - on 15th January 2022 and will include three songs by Letterbombs, two by 44.Caliberloveletter and two by Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios. Keep an eye on the below social media pages for more info as it's released:-

Letterbombs -

44.Caliberloveltter -

Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios -

Larry Records -

Illuminate My Heart Records -

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