Saturday 18 December 2021

Frequencies Deleted #4: Sara Ohm - Noise Creeps. (by Mikey Ortega)

Labels: International Ephemera

Formats: Digital/Cassette

Release Date: June 13, 2021



1. Their Eyes

2. Noise Creeps

3. #nudesplease

4. Role Model

5. Alpha Maleing List

6. Your Porno Scene, Your Porno Dream

7. Shards Of Glass


Sara Ohm is one of those names that I’ve seen before from peers and a few music blogs.  But, I didn’t get a chance to listen to any recordings, until Troy of Negative Tilt Records (and various projects), brought Sara Ohm to my attention. It was definitely one of the most intense performances I have ever witnessed. I’ve always enjoyed some noise guitar and I feel like Sara Ohm brings something to the table. I was really excited to grab my hands on the latest release, NOISE CREEPS. Especially since it has “Macho Man” Randy Savage on the cover, but the album isn’t about “MACHO MADNESS” and testosterone. NOISE CREEPS pretty much confronts the abuse and harassment towards woman in the noise scene. With people coming forward with their stories, it’s a perfect time for something like NOISE CREEPS to come out.


If there’s one thing that I love about Sara Ohm, it’s that she always goes for the jugular.  Just like on the first track, “Their Eyes”. Though, I would say a chainsaw to the cock. And it’s just taking it’s time cutting through, piece by piece. The reverb on the vocals, gives “Their Eyes” a very welcomed atmosphere. The castration spree continues with the title track, “Noise Creeps” and “#nudesplease”. For a song called “#nudesplease”, I didn’t think it would have a dark and cold industrial sound. But, come to think of it, I can imagine some sad and desperate fuck, inside his dark and cold basement, asking for nudes. We then go into more of a dark ambient territory with “Role Model” and “Alpha Maleing List”. Both of these tracks bring me back to early Lustmord and other dark ambient projects – where it feels like you’re trapped inside an industrial nightmare and when you wake up, you realize you’re still trapped in that industrial nightmare. The ferociousness of “Your Porno Scene, Your Porno Dream” is what made me a fan of Sara Ohm. When you hear that buzzing sound, you know Sara is going for the kill. “Shards Of Glass” closes out NOISE CREEPS, and this track doesn’t let you forget about this album. Almost as if it left a scar on your face, and whenever you look into the mirror, you will always be reminded to not fuck with Sara Ohm.


NOISE CREEPS definitely takes Sara Ohm to new heights. You can just hear Sara grow and getting more creative with her sound. With every release, Sara brings in a new level of intensity, by building up her arsenal and becoming a force of nature. What NOISE CREEPS brings to the table, I hope it brings inspiration to a younger generation that wants to try their hands on experimental music. 10 years from now, I can see people still talking about NOISE CREEPS and how much it meant to their lives. Especially during these difficult times.

NOISE CREEPS cassettes are sold out, but you can still get a digital copy at Bandcamp:-

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Sara Ohm - / Instagram - @saraohm81

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