Wednesday 20 September 2017

Under A Sky So Blue - The Spectacle Provides


1. Don't Die Wondering
2. The Poverty Of Modern Life
3. Remember
4. Make A Spectacle
5. We Defy

Tonight I turn to Athens, GA (USA) three-piece Under A Sky So Blue, who released this EP on tape featuring five chaotic screamo songs in February. It's not the band's first release though, as they released a split 7" with Celebration in late 2014/early 2015 (I think) and followed it with a demo tape at the end of 2015, which features the last two tracks on this EP. It was released by no less than 5 DIY labels. Under A Sky So Blue has a real social conscience and the band exists to extend the message of it's members. 

This is violent screamo with a hint of hardcore/metalcore. The riffs at the beginning of EP opener Don’t Die Wondering are heavy and remain so throughout, as the dual-screamed vocals cry out over the instrumentation. After the moody atmosphere of the opener, The Poverty Of Modern Life festers in discordance, with a more urgent pace. There’s a lot more to Under The Sky So Blue than just screamo. The furious high-pitched barks of Remember bring a more blackened feel to the EP, while the band’s ability to switch from violent to introspective in the mid-section is great. You’re never too far away from violence though, which is no surprise when you consider that this trio are angry and are crying out for change. 

Make A Spectacle feels like a restrained powerviolence song but with no less noise. The chuggy riffs sound almost sludgy at times. Closing song We Defy is crazier still with a constant wall of fuzz and feedback in the mix. The screams are another constant, leaving a sickly feeling in the put of your stomach. It’s often hard to spot the beauty in brutality, especially when there’s no disposition towards violence. Music is healthy way to exhibit such aggression and Under A Sky So Blue has harnessed it in the best way possible. Caustic but cleansing.

You can stream the EP and grab in on tape or as a name-your-price download below:-

Under A Sky So Blue -

It's also still available from the labels below:-

Zegema Beach Records - (ZBR is the only label I can find with the tape for sale at this moment).

Zegema Beach Records -
Dingleberry Records And Distribution -
Murder On Ponce -
Star Rats Records -

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