Friday 29 September 2017

Void Forger/VVVLV - Split 7"


1. Void Forger - Excess Collapse
2. VVVLV - Homo Economicus

Once again business that are supposed to make our lives easier somehow manage to reach a new colossal level of idiocy and unhelpfulness!!! My personal grumbles aside, it's Friday night and once again I find myself reaching for heavy music instead of going out on the town and getting horrifically drunk (wise move I feel!). The heavy music is question is the 2016 split 7" between Romanians Void Forger and VVVLV. Both bands feature sludge, doom and punk amongst their arsenals. Void Forger graced the stage at this year's Crust Picnic 3 in Belgium alongside the UK's own Deviated Instinct, Monolithian & Rash Decision, while VVVLV are due to play alongside Jucifer in Romania in mid-October.

Void Forger produces a noise that any UK-sludge/crust band would be proud of. Excess Collapse contains groove-laden riffs, incredibly up-tempo percussion and in-your-face roars, and if you think that’s too many hyphens, it’s because it is! Joking aside, Void Forger really does make a hellish racket and one that sits on the right side of raw. The recording and production brings out their organic heaviness without any compromise to their sound. 

VVVLV feature less of a punk influence on Homo Economicus, though what it looses in tempo it makes up for in sheer heft. The rasping vocals are delivered in a black metal style, while the musicianship is more restrained with downbeat melody from the guitars. Their use of an epically slow passage followed by a frantic finish is great too. Both Void Forger and VVVLV make full use of their sides of this split, which is rare and very welcome indeed. Excellent Friday night headbangs! More please.

You can stream and download the split via both band's below (and Void Forger has physical 7"s for sale too):-

Void Forger -

You can also grab the 7" from the below labels:-

Neanderthal-Stench -
Gluga Neagra -
Crust Or Die Collective -
Dvvm Recs -

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