Monday 25 September 2017

Seep Away Interview

York based hardcore/doom quartet Seep Away, like many bands on the national circuit, have been toiling away building up a decent local fanbase while also spreading their music further afield to anybody who'll listen. That hardwork is now starting to pay off as they've recently supported Norway's blackjazz maestros Shining at York Fibbers and they're about to release their new EP "The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude". I did a short interview with the band recently and am pleased to be able to bring it to you now...

1. Please tell us about Seep Away. When did you form and what was your aim as a band?

Max: May 2015. As a two-piece. We had no hopes, dreams, or aims. Just a lot of repressed rage. Must admit it was probably me bringing that in, cos at the time it was just me and Dom, and he's not a miserable fuck like me. Things have really blossomed over the past year, with all sorts of new opportunities coming up!

2. How have you found the current musical climate as a independent band? Have you find it easy or challenging to gain live exposure and to reach new fans?

Max: It's always been hard. Finding your audience is always gonna be tough, but when your band is basically the dick-shaped fruit in a garden of perspective eloquence it's even harder. That and York's hardcore scene has diminished lately. But we're at a point now where the punk scene kinda knows us, so that's cool. We're using that as a springboard to get out into the wider world of hardcore and just looking at each opportunity as it comes.

3. You’ve recently released a new single called Matchstick Man. I’ve checked it out and you’re right about it being abrasive! It features on your up-coming EP “The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude”. What can listeners expect from the EP and what’s the theme? 

Max: We really consider this EP to be our first, even though it's not the only thing we've put out. The new tunes are sounding bigger, have a greater sense of chaos, and are a shit-tonne more vitriolic than anything we've done and we massively dig them. Getting the sense of what we sound like live was the main focus, and it sure as shit hits hard. We still have more to do but we're beyond excited to get this monster out there, even if it falls on deaf ears.

4. How excited are you about playing alongside Norway’s Shining in York? That’s a pretty big deal!

Max: It's definitely the biggest show we've been offered. I mean, when something like that comes up you don't pass it up, even if you are the most hated sheep in the herd. We exist to ruin fun, not make it. We'll leave that to the rest.

5. On your social media accounts, you sight bands like Cancer Bats, Bongripper and Turnstile (amongst others) as influences. That’s a pretty varied pool of influence, so what do you like about those bands in particular?

Max: I was listening to a lot of Bongripper when we started the band, and Cancer Bats were always a huge influence on me as a guitarist. And Turnstile are more representative of the greater roster of hardcore bands that I binge on a daily basis. I just wanted to create dark hardcore just like those bands (literally hundreds I could name), except down-tuned. Sticking in one down-tuned key and keeping things a little monotonous really lends itself to the lyrics and the whole style of what we're doing, if you can even use that word. Probably not.

6. What does the future hold for Seep Away beyond the release of the new EP?

Max: More gigs. One major line-up change. And beyond that, who the fuck knows. Dom's off to the States in the New Year, so Mr Dave McDermott (Magnificent 7) is stepping in on drums. The two of them have got such different styles so there'll be some pretty ugly contortions in the texture of the sound. Beyond that, who the fuck knows.

7. I tend to ask this questions to all bands so what local bands would you recommend to listeners and what bands are you digging for further afield?

Max:  Jeezuz. Gonna stick to punk and hardcore as there's just too many to name. As for locals, check out new dogs, Pat Butcher, they've just got out there and are making some seriously fun stuff. If hardcore party punk is your thing they're a must see. The Carnival Rejects (who have just reunited) is another that I'm super excited about seeing again. Speedy, melodic, and tight as fuck. Others in York I'd recommend are The Vexed, The Thing (Dom's other band), Rotting Monarchs (my other band). As for everywhere and anywhere outside of York, and without much introduction or explanation, if ya like heavy fast ugly shit, look these names up: Mothcob, Hex, Community, Perfect Blue, Casual Nausea, Paper Wings,  Feral Existence, Eric Bana, Pizzatramp...gonna stop there before my brain implodes. There's just too fucking much good shit out there. Just come to the fucking gigs you pathetic cunts.

Seep Away recently released the single Matchstick Man, which will be on the new EP when it's unleashed later this year. You can stream and download it below:-

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Seep Away gigs and more news via their Facebook page below.

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