Sunday 3 September 2017

Viral Graphics: Tour/Gig Poster Essay

A little while ago now, I did a small interview with Greek artists Viral Graphics about the cover art they helped to design for Dephosphorus and their latest record "Impossible Orbits". At the same time I asked them if I could do a feature on some of their tour and gig poster designs, to which they said yes. So here's a little photo essay containing some of the posters they've designed over the last two  years for some great acts...

Nekrofilth - Japan 2017

Bolzer - Athens 2017

Swans - Athens 2017

Archgoat - Athens 2016

Suzuki Junzo/Takahashi Ikuro - Western Japan 2016

Inquisition - Athens 2016

Oranssi Pazuzu/Hexvessel - Athens 2016

Youth Code/Venerence - Athens 2016

King Dude - Athens 2016

Nadja - Athens 2016

Lords Of The Void II: Mortuary Drape - Athens 2016

Lords Of The Void I: Saturnalia Temple - Athens 2016

You can buy art prints direct from Viral Graphics here - and you can get in touch with them about commissions here -

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