Sunday 1 October 2017

Rutsa - Rauha Ja Tasapaino 7"


1. Koti
2. Tunnit
3. Umpikuja
4. Tunneli Tyhjioon

This new four track 7" from Finnish trio Rutsa was released yesterday. I had intended to review it prior to it's release but I had a problem with my record player. Everything's sorted now though and I can get back to it. Rutsa began their sludgy/grinding assault back in 2015 and release their self-titled demo in February last year, with their second EP "Hakissa" coming in July of last year (with a tape released in November). This is the first time their music has been committed to wax, thanks to Ramekuukkeli-Levyt & Kumiversal Music

An old choral intro welcomes you to opening song Koti before it gets swallowed up by screeching feedback. Rutsa then hits you with a crazed noise/sludge/grind attack that contains a mix of off-kilter fast/slow riffs, earth-shaking bass, crashing drums and a dual-vocal approach that can smell your fear. It’s stop/start but that does’t spoil the listening experience. It’s very bass-heavy  but that adds to it’s heaviness.. Tunnit is faster from the off, with reverb in the vox and an industrial-like groove within the instrumentation at times. It’s crusty and filled with rock n roll. Rutsa is full of raw energy and that’s translated in the music. Side A is over all too quickly but the get-in, get-fucked, get-out approach works in their favour. They show their groovier side on Umpikuja with some great drum work and catchy riffs. This song is a lot more mid-paced this time but it still features their unpredictability. The fast/slow dynamics work really well throughout and it’s pretty hard to pin them down for more than a few seconds. The vocal contortions during Umpikuja are maddening to say the least. EP closer Tunneli Tyhjioon is one last slab of low, slow sludge that always threatens to bubble over. Bubble over it does after the lengthy opening passage and you’re back in familiar territory. There’s not too much in the way if treble during the EP, but it does rear it’s head sometimes thanks to the odd metallic interjection. This EP is definitely best listened too on a turntable, as it was intended. Rutsa makes the grind/pv/sludge sound all their own on “Rauha Ja Tasapaino” and it’s that originality that makes them an underground hit. A hit I’ve slept on for too long!

You can stream the first two tracks from the EP via Rutsa's bandcamp page below (it still says it's available as a pre-order but that should change soon):-

Rutsa -

Physical 7"s are available to order here -

Ramekuukkeli-Levyt -ämekuukkeli-levyt.

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