Friday 20 October 2017

Insulters - Metal Still Means Danger


1. Age Of Terror
2. Highway Of Death
3. Icons & Symbols
4. Bang Your Fucking Skull
5. Forged In Hell's Fire
6. Bastard Soldiers
7. Burn With The Witch
8. Here Falls The Hammer
9. Metal Still Means Danger

The title of this 2017 full-length from Spanish black/thrash band Insulters may divide some. There'll be those who say that metal is no longer as dangerous as in it's early days and there will be some who disagree, especially if they've grown up with more modern bands and blurred genres. Either way, the argument shouldn't stop you from enjoying this. Insulters formed in 2008 and have to date released a couple of demos, splits and comp and a full-length prior to "Metal Still Means Danger", all while keeping the Catalonian extreme metal flame burning in bands such as Krossfyre (Hells Headbangers) and Graveyard (War Anthem Records) to name few. "Metal Still Means Danger" was released on giant cd digipack via Unholy Prophecies and Equinox Discos in January. 

Insulters mix black/thrash and punk together on opener Age Of Terror. There’s raging Moterhead-esque guitar work, powerful drumming and dank growls throughout. with no let-up in pace. Their sound and approach early on is pretty consistent as no sooner has Age Of Terror finished, when Highway Of Death picks up the same tempo and mood. Insulters throw in some classy lead work this time that gives you more of a hint to their allegiance. the energy ratchets up even more on Icons & Symbols, as does the reverb and black metal atmosphere. So far “Metal Still Means Danger” is unrelenting and it’s momentum is strong. The aptly titled Bang Your Fucking Skull describes exactly what Insulters expect you to do at their live shows. There’s nowhere to hide when the band hit’s their stride during the song either. From here on in the songs get longer, beginning with the more thrashy and progressive Forged In Hell’s Fire. It’s more of the same music wise but as I said, there are some thrasher elements in the drumming and the riffs for sure. The mid section is a lot more mid-paced, allowing the guitar solo room to take the lead albeit briefly. They up the tempo again on Bastard Soldiers and they’re able to weave some nice textures into the music, especially when things seem to go into half time during the mid-section. It’s this subtle variation that keeps the album engaging. It’s hard to decide whether Insulters are better at black metal or thrash metal, as they both mould so well together on Burn With The Witch. The blasts sound so much more precise and the vocals more ravaged and evil, as the impressive wall of guitar carries on unabated. This is the album’s standout track for me. Penultimate song Here Falls The Hammer is another opportunity for Insulters to show-off their no nonsense songwriting and extremity. They leave the title-track until the end and go all out balls-to-the-wall. I was slightly worried that with the title “Metal Still Means Dangers, the record might be cliched and jokey but it’s anything but. Insulters inject enough extremity and hatred into it to keep you hooked and headbanging. Their rip-roaring delivery never fades and they end on a true high. 

You can stream, download and buy "Metal Still Means Danger" on cd from Unholy Prophecies below:-

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