Saturday 21 October 2017

Geist - Disrepair


1. Painkillers
2. Dear World...
3. Services Rendered
4. Eyeless Needle
5. Fiction Souls
6. Inkblot Lives

A year on since their first committal to vinyl, North-East England's Geist have been immortalised in 12-inches of glorious wax. This time it's a single-sided slab with a nice etched b-side. 2017 has been a good year for the band with the release following their successful UK tour with US black/heavy band Sunlight's Bane. The UK's heavy hardcore/grind movement has always been strong but Geist has been holding the extreme torch aloft for a long time now, elevating the impact made by their former bands. Staring into the black eyes that adorn the record's cover art should give you a sense of the emotion that fuels their musical intent.

Whenever I’ve seen Geist live they’ve always been intense. That intensity is bottled and dispensed here on record opener Painkillers, Ian’s vocals are relentlessly angry, while the band behind presents a mix between modern pv/grind and a throwback to the heavy hardcore that’s died away in recent years. The feeling is no happier on second song Dear World…, with Geist continuing their metallic assault, with guitars and feedback accompanying the palpable sense of dread that their music portrays. 

Geist doesn’t hang about, fitting no less than six songs onto one side of vinyl is pretty good going. Services Rendered contains a different approach from the band with a slower paced track full of metallic, brooding melody. The screeching feedback that heralds the start of Eyeless Needle pretty much sets it’s stall out early. What follows is intense but also creative. 

If you’re someone who sees the worst in everything, this would not be recommended listening but for those of you who’re more well balanced, you’ll enjoy it. Geist’s no-nonsense songwriting on Fiction Souls and indeed Inkblot Lives shows that song length has absolutely nothing to do with song impact. By now Geist is a band that feels and sounds like veterans amongst the UK ranks. They’re written a record in “Disrepair” that aptly describes their feeling towards modern life but also provides something constructive and mature to hold on to. Great work from a band who’re consistently on point.

You can stream and purchase "Disrepair" digitally from Geist below:-

They have vinyl copies available here -

Geist -

"Disrepair" was release by a cooperative of six DIY labels. Their links are below:-

Vetala Productions -
Black Omen Recordings -
Wooaaargh -
Prospect Records -
Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings -
Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records -

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