Saturday 14 May 2016

Ocerco - A Desolação


1. O Colapso
2. O Ocaso
3. A Desolação

Portuguese black metal has been rising in reputation for a while now, with the emergence of bands like Nevoa and Lux Ferre casting wider attention with their recent output. Ocerco are another name that's benefitting from that attention and now they've linked up with compatriot label Signal Rex and have released A Desolação, A three-track EP. They sight bands such as Ash Borer and Altar Of Plagues as kindred spiritis and there's nothing wrong with aiming for a place alongside some of modern black metal's most invigorating acts!

I was chatting to a guy at work recently who said he was into “anything extreme”, so when I asked him to name bands that he liked, he couldn’t. At that point I decided he was probably bluffing. Ocerco would be similarly adept at weeding out blaggers as soon as you press play on opener O Colapso. The noise-laden intro gives way to crushing and metallic black metal of the harshest kind. In parts it is receptive and droning, while in others it is progressive and forward-thinking. O Ocaso is more off-kilter to the ears. The riffs create more of a clash of sound that teeters on the brink of what some people may think of as acceptable. It’s this abandon and vision that makes Ocerco’s music what it is. The quiet ambience of the title-track follows in deep contrast to the previous two songs. It may only be a way of building intrigue and apprehension, but is bloody works. Their doom-like riffs burst forth after nearly two-minutes and proceed to level you. That levelling continues throughout the song and it gets heavier and more claustrophobic the longer it goes on. Ocerco manages to weave a subtle layer of melody into the thickness and some light does cut through. Why would you stick to the status quo when there are bands out there like Ocerco to discover? Go on, be brave and step out of your comfort zone. This is really good!

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