Wednesday 11 May 2016

The Blue Period - Summer 2013 10"


1. Drowned Out
2. Carpool
3. Set Lines
4. The Slow Pass

It's cool to know that there are still bands around that appreciate old clunky Microsoft computer operating systems. This particular appreciation comes from Nottingham indie/emo band The Blue Period and it adorns the sleeve of their Summer 2013 10" (also known as "There Are Things Eternal Inside My Head", if you read the front cover). Recorded in 2013 and the remastered, pressed and released in January of this year by strictly no capital letters, Wolf Town DIY and Time As A Color, having originally been available as a limited tape. If you like the colour pink and soothing jams then this might be for you!

On EP opener Drowned Out I hear subtle similarities to The Promise Ring. The clean male/female vocals, the melodic guitar and keys and the steady rhythm section reminds me of summer (which may have been and gone already depending on what you believe). Carpool is gloriously off-kilter and wouldn’t be out of place of Radio 2 (that’s not a criticism by the way!). What I mean is that it has a comforting nature that you only get from certain music and/or voices. At times The Blue Period are pretty mathy underneath their layer of indie/emo. Set Lines is a perfect example of this. Closing number The Slow Pass is the perfect song to end on. It’s gentle and the cleanly plucked guitar melodies whisk you away to somewhere away from reality. The chorus of the song contains the set of words printed on the front of the record sleeve and with them, it all comes full circle. Four songs that you can sink into when you need peace. Really good music from an under-appreciated band.

You can stream the demo EP and grab it as a name-your-price-download directly from The Blue Period's bandcamp page below:-

Physical records can be purchased from the labels below:-

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Time As A Color Records -
Wolf Town DIY -

The Blue Period Facebook -
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