Monday 23 May 2016

New & Not So New Sounds #1

At risk of having one of those "shut up and take my money" moments and because it's getting harder to keep up with every release announcement (thanks Facebook!), I thought I'd gather up some worthy releases (in no particular order) that you might want to check out:-

Firstly and because the artwork is great, Listenable Records is re-issuing both "Considered Dead" and "The Erosion Of Sanity" by Gorguts on cd and vinyl. The former is going to be available on black, red and transparent green (limited to 200 via Listenable only) vinyl, while the latter will be pressed on black, orange and transparent blue (limited to 200 via Listenable only). Order copies directly from Listenable Records here - or from distros.

Listenable Records Facebook -

US grindcore punks Cloud Rat are gonna be busy this year, recording and releasing splits with Moloch (UK), Disrotted, The World Is A Vampire and Crevasse. Keep up to date with progress via the pages below:-

Moloch (UK) Facebook -
Disrotted Facebook -

As well as that, they're just about to drop a 2xCD discography via Dead Tank Record & Absolute Contempt Records (US), plus Moment Of Collapse Records & Here And Now Records (Europe). You stream it all here:-

Dead Tank Records Facebook -
Absolute Contempt Records Facebook -
Moment Of Collapse Records Facebook -
Here And Now Records Facebook -

Aussie grinders Powerxchuck and their US cousins xAbruptx will be releasing a split together in 2017!. You can check out a song from each band below:-

The 7' will be released by Wooaaargh Records (Ger), Deadheroes Label (Cze), Death By Digital Records (Can), Friendly Otter Records (USA), Hackebeil Records (Ger), Kitchen Vomit Records (USA), Mono Canibal Records (Esp), Zas Autoproduzioni (Ita).

Powerxchuck Facebook -
xAbruptx Facebook -
Wooaaargh Records Facebook -
Deadheroes Label Facebook -
Death By Digital Records Facebook -
Friendly Otter Records Facebook -
Hackebeil Records Facebook -
Kitchen Vomit Records Facebook -
Mono Canibal Records Facebook -
Zas Autoproduzioni Facebook -

Magic Bullet Records are due to release a special split between Integrity and Power Trip, gathering old songs from Integrity's "VVe Are The End" 7" and Power Trip's "Self-Titled" 7", as well as a special Integrity track. It's up now for pre-order here -

Power Trip Facebook -
Magic Bullet Records Facebook -

Lastly for this little piece, a note about the new 7" from Leeds fast band Lugubrious Children. Their "Lugubrious" 7" is now up for pre-order and due out in July on both black and magenta vinyl. Hear it here:-

It's seeing the light of day thanks to Mind Ripper Collective, Deadheroes Label, Rad Nauseam Records, Vetala Productions, Rat Mix Records & Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder.

Lugubrious Children Facebook -
Mind Ripper Collective Facebook -
Rad Nauseam Records Facebook - 
Vetala Productions Facebook -
Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder Facebook -

There's more to come...

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