Sunday 15 May 2016

Percussor - Disturbing Reality


1. Disturbing Reality
2. The Misogynist
3. Inflicted Insanity
4. Leading The Sycophants
5. Stagnant Form Of Life
6. Your Existence Sickens Me
7. Agoraphobic Dementia
8. Arrogant Waste Of Flesh
9. Murdered (Bonus track)

With their second album in as many years, US death metallers Percussor have once again teamed up with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions to release Disturbing Reality. The members of Percussor are also familiar with the label, having previously been in fellow HPGD bands Shadows In The Crypt and Lesch-Nyhan amongst others. The States probably has the biggest ratio of death metal bands per head of any other country now, especially with the majority choosing the modern technical path. Percussor however; have taken the old-school root. Lets see how they measure up.

This is exactly as I imagined it. Percussor spews up the nastiest old school death metal. Disturbing Reality is filled with fast and slow riffs, rasping deep barks and drumming that’s on the edge of sanity. That's just the opener too! In fact I’d go as far to sat that Percussor’s take on death metal is more akin to grind in some places. The blasts during The Misogynist certainly point to a faster musical persuasion.The groove that kicks off Inflicted Insanity rules. The further you get into it, the more you start to hear similarities between Percussor and Noisem (well I do anyway!). That’s meant as a compliment, as both bands pay homage to the old-school in the proper way. I just can’t get enough of those blasts! On Leading The Sycophants, Percussor make great use of fast/slow dynamics where the drumming really does stand out. The riffs at times hint at doom too, while the vocals are used more sparingly to allow the instrumentation to take centre stage. Stagnant Form Of Life is anything but, with a killer death/thrash build-up that lasts for well over half of the song. I think this number epitomises why fundamentalist Christians see metal as the devil’s music. If that really is the case, then I’m Satan’s son! They ate an angry band though (obvious statement I know) and Your Existence Sickens Me rages against those that live a pointless life and waste resources. The production and mastering of Disturbing Reality is worth mentioning too, as Agoraphobic Dementia sounds great and not too overly-clinical production wise. The whole album has been presented in a way that sounds warm and loud but also murky (in a good way). It definitely suites Percussor’s approach and musical style. Before you know it penultimate blaster Arrogant Waste Of Flesh is…laying waste to your ears. Bonus track Murdered has some subtle ambience within it’s musical layers, but that ambience is very brief. It’s fitting that Percussor ends it all with their longest song. If you’ve got this far then you may as well stay for the fireworks! Sliding guitar effects are menacing and the feeling of anticipation during the mid-section is nearly unbearable. That anticipation spills over during the final bars and before you know it, it’s over. Some bands play around with progression and different musical ideas, but Percussor just flails head long into headbanging territory. It’s not pretty or pretentious, and death metal should never be either.

You can stream and download Disturbing Reality here:-

You can buy the CD version from HPGD's bandcamp page above as well.

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