Monday 2 May 2016

Nervous Mothers/Art Of Burning Water - Split 7"


1. Nervous Mothers - Op Nul
2. Nervous Mothers - Born
3. Nervous Mothers - Waves
4. Art Of Burning Water - Oppressor

I'm feeling a bit more energised today. I've managed to start the re-modelling of the blog, which I've been meaning to do for ages and now that I'm into May, I want to keep up the writing momentum. I'm thankful that I've still got plenty (and I mean plenty) to write about beginning with this little split from Belgian's Nervous Mothers and the UK's Art Of Burning Water. I've featured AOBW here a few times but probably not as much as I should have, while I've never really heard Nervous Mothers before. This split was released in April by SuperFi Records in collaboration with Vleesklak Records.

Nervous Mothers have three tracks on this split and play menacing metallic hardcore/pv type stuff. Opener Op Nul starts slow but launches into fast powerviolence later on. I like the transition between slower hardcore and intense grind here. Born reminds me of some of Belgium’s H8000 bands from the sub-genres heyday. The guitars are thick and the whole song is angry. Waves closes their side with a barrage of crazed violence and even some subtle rock n roll. AOBW presents one song called Oppressor. They have some weird guitar effects going on during the intro and the sound is very bass-heavy. It seems as though AOBW are doing a similar thing to Protestant by taking their heaviness in a  more blackened direction (or maybe it’s just me who thinks that?). All in all, this is another fine slab of wax. Nervous Mothers sound unhinged and huge while Art Of Burning Water continue to progress and smash in equal measure. 

You can stream the split here:-

You can pick the vinyl up from the below links:-

Vleesklak Records -
SuperFi Records -

Nervous Mothers Facebook -
Art Of Burning Water Facebook -
Vleesklak Records Facebook -
SuperFi Records Facebook -

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