Tuesday 24 May 2016

Syren City - Paradise In The Dirt EP


1. It's Morphine Time
2. Danielle
3. 10,000 Knives

This last week and a bit has been pretty frustrating but I'm back on it. I'm kicking back into gear with the new three-track EP from Bristol hardcore/hard-rock band Syren City. "Paradise In The Dirt" isn't due for release until this time next month, so this is an sneak peak at what's to come. They formed in 2011 and later released their debut EP "Escape". Last year they played Hit The Deck (who's main acts were Skindred, While She Sleeps & Cancer Bats) and also got intimate with Alien Ant Farm! Let's hop 2016 goes just as well for them.

Syren City plays a modern mix of hardcore and groove-laden rock. It’s Morphine Time maybe a lay on the “Power Rangers” most well-known catchphrase, but these guys are nowhere near as cheesy. Like Huddersfield’s Relics, Syren City prefer following in the footsteps of more recent bands like the aforementioned Cancer Bats but they also have a great melodic sensibilities. Danielle’s clean singing and Wild West style folk-music creates a great beginning. I actually like their cleaner moments more in the song than the hardcore they produce, as it’s kind of been done to death in recent years. I’m not being negative though as Syren City are really good musicians and they’re still finding their sound. 10,000 Knives concludes this EP with some great post-hardcore and pop-hooks. Sing-along moment are always called for and I bet this is a great live crowd pleaser. Now that Funeral For A Friend has called it a day (I’m still not over that), the UK will be looking for a new band to fill their shoes and Syren City may be on their way to claiming that lofty perch, if they write more songs like this and continue to explore their sound.

You can stay up to date with release news via Syren City's Facebook page  - https://www.facebook.com/SyrenCit

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