Thursday 5 May 2016

Six Reasons To Kill - Rote Erde 7"


1. Rote Erde
2. Of Fire (Dismember Cover)

I didn't think I'd get a chance to write this evening, what with my compulsion to try and complete a record discography and the reality of working life. Thankfully I've managed to steal a bit of time to write about something new. German metalcore band Six Reasons To Kill recently released this two-track 7" via Bastardized Recordings, so I thought I'd give a listen. Six Reasons To Kill started out in 1999 and have gone on to release five full-lengths as well as a couple of splits and other bits. They go back to a time when Europe was leading the way in terms of hardcore/metalcore output, with the like of Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn as their brethren. This 7" has been pressed on three different colour-ways (black, yellow & red) and is limited to just 300 copies!

Six Reasons To Kill mixes death metal, hardcore and straight up metal in a way that’s not really heard these days. After all, they’re from a simpler time! Rote Erde contains brutal riffs with melodic and harmonic lead work, as well as guttural vox and precise percussive blasts. The solo is a bit good as well! Of Fire sounds even more old-school and I like it…a lot. The riffs remind me a bit of earlier Parkway Drive, but then again PD could have copied Six Reasons To Kill for all I know. This EP is only a precursor to the band’s soon-to-be-released full-length but it’s still worth every penny on it’s own. It’s rare that you find a band that is able to write proper metalcore that’s free from cliche, but Six Reasons To Kill nail it.

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You can grab the 7" from Bastardized Recordings here -

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