Thursday 26 May 2016

4 Doors To Death - Cemetery Filth/Ectovoid/Sabbatory/Trenchrot


1. Cemetery Filth - Consumption Of Volition
2. Cemetery Filth - Dagonian Dialect...The Obelisk Unearthed
3. Cemetery Filth - Cosmic Wraiths
4. Ectovoid - Ash Primordial
5. Ectovoid - Possessed By Ancient Dread
6. Sabbatory - Ascension To My Holy Tomb
7. Sabbatory - Primordial
8. Trenchrot - Hell Pilot's Call
9. Trenchrot - Powerful Kandarian Steel
10. Trenchrot - Evil Dead

Here's one tasty looking four-way split from Unspeakable Axe Records. Featuring new-ish US death metallers Cemetery Filth, Ectovoid and Trenchrot as well as occult Canadians Sabbatory. Released in February on cd, it provides fans of death with a chance to hear four of the genre's pillars in one place and proves that death metal is in very rude health. Fenriz recently featured these bands on his "Radio Fenriz" podcast while Cemetery Filth supported The Black Dahlia Murder alongside previous This Noise Is Ours featurees Fallujah and Disentomb. Time to let the music do the slaying!

4 Doors To Death immediately springs into life thanks to Cemetery Filth’s traditional take on death. Consumption Of Volition may seem mid-paced at first but the instrumentation is anything but. Gut-wrenching growls, plenty of glorious guitar work and powerful drums stoke of the exhilaration. The overriding element of good DM band is their guitars and that’s more than evident on Dagonian Dialect…The Obelisk Unearthed. Cemetery Filth make things sound technical without the music being too hard to swallow. Thrash is woven into their sound for good measure and it’s ready made for head-banging madness. Cosmic Wraiths is the last of their unholy trio and it’s fast/slow textures are near perfect, with just the right amount of experimentalism. Next up is the guttural blasting of Ectovoid and Ash Primordial. The wall of sound created by those thick guitars must be heard to be believed. Tuned low, they are glorious and with the song clocking in at nearly six-minutes, you’d be hard pressed to keep still. The barrage is no less intense during Possessed By Ancient Dread, although Ectovoid does inject it with more brooding atmosphere this time. This is the perfect way to reach the mid-point of the split! On to the second half and it’s Sabbatory’s turn to show us how the Canadian’s do it. Ascension To My Holy Tomb feels like being buried alive six foot down, surrounded by spiders. Most people’s idea of a nightmare but one that when placed in the context of this song, is wholly fulfilling. The blackened screams are turned up to 11 during Primordial. Extremity has never sounded so good to these ears. The urgency and bestiality is almost too much to handle. Trenchrot rounds things out with three songs, in the same way that Cemetery Filth started it. Hell Pilot’s Call features subtle layers of funeral doom alongside it’s ghoulish blueprint. Powerful Kandarian Steel weaves some pretty vivid images along it’s winding musical path. The best is yet to come though with the rousing and almost euphoric Evil Dead. The melodic lead pulls you in before Trenchrot batters you senseless one last time. Goddamn this record is good. From start to finish it chews you up and spits you out. Four crucial bands playing extreme yet original strains of death. Get it now!

You can stream the entire split here:-

Both digital download and cd versions are also available from Unspeakable Axe Records above.

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