Tuesday 31 May 2016

Extermination Temple - Lifeless Forms 7"


1. Physical Torture
2. Dissolve Into Dust
3. R.F.O.D
4. Vampire Of Suicide Death

In this day and age, people with anger issues and a profound hatred of different races, cultures or individuals tend to turn towards violence and war. What they should really be doing is seeking out disgustingly heavy black/death metal instead! That's where mysterious new Swedish act Extermination Temple comes in. With artwork painstakingly crafted by Dwid (Integrity, Psywarfare) and song titles including Physical Torture and Vampire of Suicide Death, this 7" should provide the perfect soundtrack to your most atavistic fantasies.

Extermination Temple presents a hellishly blackened outlook with opener Physical Torture. There’s old-school solos, low-fi reverb filled vox and even nods to industrial soundscapes. Dissolve Into Dust starts of with strange ambient/goth like noises yet is soothingly melodic when it gets going. Don’t get me wrong though, this is not easy listening. Taking it’s cues from old-school death metal later on in the song, Extermination Temple plays with your ears and your mind! Ghoulishly gargled vocals are not even the most unnerving part of R.F.O.D., though it’s hypnotic rhythms and siren-like lead work banish any fears and reduce you to a trance-like state. Vampire Of Suicide Death is every bit as maddening as you’d hoped it would be. Droning yet disturbingly good fun, it’s an up-tempo end to Lifeless Forms. Some of the most creative minds in extreme metal are also the most bewildering. Extermination Temple is sure to join to the top shelf after this!

You can stream and download it here:-

7" copies can be purchased here - http://apocalypticvisions.bigcartel.com

Extermination Temple Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/exterminationtemple

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