Monday 14 March 2016

Triumvir Foul - Triumvir Foul


1. Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds
2. Profanation (of the Wicked)
3. Pathways To Decay
4. Hedonistic Prayer - The Abhorrent Depths Of Perversion
5. The Vomit Of The Three Serpents (Usumgallu, Basmu, Musmahhu)
6. Endless Spiritual Violence
7. Banished to Silence And Slavery
8. Carnal Spectre
9. Tower of Basmu - The Corruption of Flesh And Spirit

With no disregard for any other country, the US continues to spew out incredibly dark and occult black/death metal. Following their 2014 debut demo "An Oath of Blood And Fire", Portland (Oregon's) newest exponents of dark devilry; Triumvir Foul have released their self-titled debut album. Originally released during the dying embers of 2015 on CD via Blood Harvest Records and on tape via hometown label Vrasubatlat, it's just recently made it's way onto vinyl (also via Blood Harvest Records). There's little to no online presence regarding Triumvir Foul, save for a bandcamp page, a Metal Archives entry and a FB fan page but that adds to the mystique of the band. Well that and the fact that members of Ash Borer are involved. 

As the intro to Triumvir Foul’s debut album unfurls, the occult offerings of the band become clear. The droning instrumentation and the growls that sound more like chants provide no calming shoulder. The intro of Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds flows straight into doom-drenched death at the two-and-a-half minute mark. From this point on there’s no escape. TF hits full black-thrashing stride on Profanation (of the Wicked). Even though the title may suggest otherwise, this is not a mere rip-off of Celtic Frost’s Procreation of The Wicked, even though it embodies some of their influence on today’s underground. It is heavy, chaotic and fast. The squealing feedback that begins Pathways to Decay leads you down the left-hand path and into a claustrophobic nightmare. It’s as hellishly evil as anything that has and will be written/played this year with it’s constant percussive battering and low-end heft. The murky atmospherics of Hedonistic Prayer - The Abhorrent Depths Of Perversion belay was is a harrowing assault on the senses. The almighty barrage of The Vomit Of The Three Serpents (Usumgallu, Basmu, Musmahhu) becomes almost uncontrollable to contain, making it the standout song on the record for me. Endless Spiritual Violence is not just a brilliant song title but it also aptly describes what happens throughout it’s near four-minute running time. It’s chock fill of grinding wonderment and glorious groove. At times during Banished to Silence And Slavery and if you listen closely, there are swathes on industrial layered on by those unrelenting guitar riffs. If you close your eyes you could almost be in London’s Slimelight. You’d think that as they reached the conclusion of their record, TF would slow down. You’d be wrong. There’s no time for mid-paced or crawling tempos here as penultimate song Carnal Spectre demonstrates. Their power is full power and it’s all the better for it. Tower of Basmu - The Corruption of Flesh And Spirit closes the record in belligerent fashion, leaving nothing to chance. From start to finish this is a bewildering tome of violence, occultism and extreme metal. Triumvir Foul have crafted something that stretches beyond death metal. Something from another realm, which no man dares treat. 

You can stream the record below:-

It's also available to purchase from Triumvir Foul's bandcamp page in digital and tape form.

CD and LP versions can be purchased from Blood Harvest Records here -

Triumvir Foul Facebook (fan page) -
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