Monday 28 March 2016

Charybdis - Demo


1. Into The Light
2. Into The Deep

This is the first in a trio of reviews I'll be doing over the next week or so, featuring recent music from Headless Guru Records. This particular demo was released in July last year on both tape and CD, featuring the first two tracks from new Brighton metal duo Charybdis. It's also the first release to come out since the demise of both Teef and War Wolf, as it contains ex-members. 

Charybdis unleashes a punk-fuelled heavy metal demo and Into The Light is like listening to the bastard son of Venom and Black Sabbath. It’s fast, loud and perfect for smoky backroom pub gigs (not that I condone the flouting of the smoking ban that is!). The solo at the end is pure denim and leather but with a modern edge. Strangely Into The Deep is exactly the same length as it’s predecessor. It’s stylistically different too with a stoner-like Clutch vibe. The riffs and clean vocals are really catchy and it’s a definitely a nod to the classics. The initial utterances of any band are always intriguing and this demo is not different. Short but sweet, heavy and groovy. Pretty much all you need!

You can download the demo for free below:-

Charybdis has both tape (only 6 remaining) and CD copies for sale on their bandcamp page too.

Charybdis Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -

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