Monday 28 March 2016

777"s Of Hell!!!

Don't worry, I'm not going to be writing about 111 7's in this post but I have been planning this little round-up piece for a while. I wanted to dedicate some time to underground heavy/extreme metal label Hells Headbangers by featuring some of their more (and less) recent releases, mainly in 7" form.

Being one of the most prolific labels this side of anywhere, Hells Headbangers have been putting out consistently great music for way longer than this blog has been in existence. Many of the bands on their roster are held dear by those that support underground music. That support was fully evidenced following the sad passing of Jim Konya (Nunslaughter) last year. I had planned to include some of Nunslaughter's most recent splits in this feature, but at last minute I decided that I probably wouldn't be able to do them justice at this time. I may write something in the future. Anyway, I hope this is okay.

Demona - 2015 7"


1. Chasing The Speed
2. Allura Red

I'm starting with Chilean speed metal band Demona. Made up (currently) of sole member Tanza Speed. Hells Headbangers released this 7" in August of last year and it features drumming from Desaster's Tormentor and additional guitar by Midnight's Commandor Vanik. Demona has been playing high-octane speed metal since 2008 with a number of demos, EP's and splits to the band's name already. 

This 7” aptly starts with the song Chasing The Speed; however, Demona doesn’t chase anything. The band is more than capable of dictating their own frenetic pace and kills it. It’s gloriously old-school and Tanza’s semi-clean vocal style is perfect. If metal had stayed true to the ideals laid down by Venom and the like instead of becoming watered down in these modern times, Demona would be on top of the pile. Allura Red begins with the most rock n roll intro I’ve heard in a while, with a screeching but melodic guitar solo in the background before Demona launches into a blistering song full of Latin American passion and energy. The drumming of Tormentor is precise and the guitar of Commandor Vanik adds extra bite. This 7” is short but damn does it leaves it’s mark!

Stream and purchase it here:-

Terror - Legion Of Gore 7"


1. Carving Techniques
2. Legion Of Gore

Cleveland (Ohio) thrashers Terror released Legion Of Gore in December 2015, a full eighteen years since their last output. They first became active in 1986 (the year I was born!) and went on to release several demos and comps before laying down their instruments in 1995. Terror's current line-up has a wealth of underground metal experience and has been active in Terror throughout the band's existence.

Terror are way more dangerous and crucial than their US hardcore namesake. Carving Techniques is filled with modern death/thrash with killer guitar-work and underground murkiness. It’s fast and is just what you need to banish a case of caffeine-overload (what I’m suffering with right now!). The title-track follows instantly in the same vein. It’s underlying beat is mid-paced but again the guitars are razor sharp. Meaty growls from vocalist Brian Sekular add to the extremity and sound great on here, as does everything else thanks to a really solid mixing and production job. Both songs on Legion Of Gore are over five minutes in length, which makes for a engaging listen from start to end. 

Stream and purchase Legion Of Gore here:-

Destruktor/Throneum - A Prophecy Of Nihilism Split 7"


1. Destruktor - Besieged
2. Throneum - Chtonian Lust

Next up is the 2014 split 7" featuring Australia's Destruktor and Poland's Throneum. Destruktor has been playing morbid black/death since 1997! After an initial demo, they've released several splits and EPs as well as two full-lengths. Throneum are genuine brethren here and like Hells Headbanger's, they too are truly prolific. Having started life pre-2000 as Throne, they changed their name at the turn of the millenium and have released countless demos, splits, EPs and have six full-lengths to their name. This split was the only musical output by either band on 2014, so is fairly significant in my eyes.

The three-piece of Destruktor makes a truly unholy racket on Besieged. It’s fast, blasting and the vocals mix grisly deep-bellows with blackened shrieks. The riffs are dripping with thrash influence and the production is great. It’s not raw or low-fi and the volume is more than enough to scare off unbelievers. If hadn’t strained my neck head-banging at a punk show last night, I’d be all over this. Throneum take over with an obvious Euro influence on Chtonian Lust. It’s blacker in delivery and atmosphere, with the instrumentation pushed back in the mix. The pace is still there though and Throneum prefers to spread their song-writing out a little further. it kind of has a doom-death feel to it, especially in the mid-section. The solo towards then end is pure old-school and the UURRGGHH’s are horrifying (in a god way). Both bands provide a snapshot into their respective minds and this EP is a good intro for anyone who is coming across them for the first time. I really liked Destruktor’s track but will no doubt be revisiting Throneum during darker times.

You can stream the EP below via Youtube as it's not up on Bandcamp:-

Midnight/Shitfucker - Split 7"


1. Midnight - Sadist Sodomysitc Seducer
2. Shitfucker - Nightmare Pt. 2

Midnight and Shitfucker are two US underground institutions. Midnight has gained a name for themselves by releasing stellar heavy metal albums including "Satanic Royalty" and more recently, "No Mercy For Mayhem". Shitfucker's profanity filled heavy metal has not escaped people's attention either. Since their 2013 full-length "Sucks Cocks In Hell", they've been on a truly crude heavy metal mission. This split between the two bands was released last October and was limited to 1500 copies. 

Midnight’s Sadist Sodomystic Seducer is every bit the heavy metal rager. Taken cues from Slayer and then twisting those influences and dragging them further underground, Midnight makes sure that their point is hammered home in little over two-minutes. Part black thrash and part straight up heavy metal (with some NWOBHM thrown in), this is over too soon. Shitfucker’s Nightmare Pt.2 is equally as catchy in the riff department but the vocals more evil and the sound is rawer. They employ screaming solos and maddening growls in a song which is slightly more on the mid-paced side but is still great fun. This match could not be better in my opinion. Neither band is trying to be different for that sake of it, they just write and play what they know. This is a great intro to both bands in case you've missed them so far. 

You can stream and download the whole split below:-

All of the records reviewed above are available from the Hells Headbanger's store here:-

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