Wednesday 2 March 2016

Mohicans - Mohicans EP


1. Eagle
2. Swan
3. Road
4. Canyon
5. Bixbi
6. Trench

This evening's foray into heavy music feature a band that I've not encountered before. I've seen their name mentioned in mags and online but somehow missed hearing them. They're from San Francisco, are part of Creator-Destructor Records and released this single-sided EP last December. Their last release was an EP back in 2012. They like good beer and play heavy metal, so that's enough for me!

This is angry and heavy. Mohicans mix hardcore fury with stoner/sludge vibes on Eagle. Not fast like grind but with plenty of zip, it’s a raucous opener that grabs you from the off. They’re incredibly catchy on Swan. This is how Cancer Bats would sound if they became really pissed off and stopped wanting to party all the time. There’s loads of groove in this band’s music and Road is mesmerising is weird way, until it’s understated solo kicks in and reminds you that there’s plenty of swing in heavy music. Canyon is a ripper and owes a lot to punk. The head work is great fun and adds more light to the record. The mighty drum roll and bouncing bass on Bixbi give way to a solid metal song, complete with chunky riffs. Mohicans end it all with Trench, which acts as the mid-paced head bludgeoning that provides the final blow. Six short yet sharp songs make this an EP that will become very infectious, very quickly. It may not be obvious to begin with, but trust me it’ll get you.

You can stream and grab the EP as a name-you-price-download here:-

Pick it up on glorious coloured vinyl via Creator-Destructor Records here:-

Mohicans Facebook -
Creator-Destructor Records Facebook -

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