Wednesday 9 March 2016

SLVDR/MOMA - Split 7"


1. SLVDR - Mike 80
2. MOMA - 32 Ave

It's mid-week and we all need some relief from the daily grind. Heck, we all need relief from grind! That's why I've decided to write about a instrumental split 7" that was released last year. It features Brazilian band SLVDR and Japanese band MOMA. It was a collaborative release between US labels Delayed Gratification Records and Tightwolf Records, as well Norway's Kakusan Records. I'm not familiar with either band but my mate Christer (Kakusan Records) gave me a heads up about it and he's got a good ear.

SLVDR plays twiddly and eccentric instrumental emo with some strange effects on Mike 80. They’re a bit scatty and very stop/start, making it a pretty intense listen. The soft/loud textures within the song (which is spread across six-minutes) are strangely soothing, especially the quieter jazz-laden sections. SLVDR is great and who knew that Brazil could produce music this mystifying (as opposed to just another Sepultura/Soulfly copycat band)! Japan’s MOMA are pretty majestic and 32 Ave is a soaring piano-led song that seems like it’s going to break out into a rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles at any moment. There is some dirty guitar hidden inside too though! Their second song SUN isn’t quite as soppy (sorry) and comes from a more experimental angle. MOMA has captivated me with these two songs. In fact this whole split is brilliant. When I first started listening to punk and metal I didn’t really give instrumental music much of a chance, but if this is what I’ve been missing then I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

You can stream the whole split here:-

The 7" itself can be found via the links below -

Delayed Gratification Records -
Kakusan Records -
Tightwolf Records -

SLVDR Facebook -
Delayed Gratification Records Facebook -
Kakusan Records Facebook -
Tightwolf Records Facebook -

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