Sunday 20 March 2016

Moloch/Lich - Split LP


1. Moloch - Disability
2. Moloch - Holding The Hand Of Someone Dying
3. Lich - Beggar's Teeth
4. Lich - Rat King
5. Lich - Fields Of Malice
6. Lich - Negation Delirium
7. Lich - Dead Water
8. Lich - Disir
9. Lich - Lazarus Pit
10. Lich - Hat Trick Of Idiocy

I recently picked up this split up from Dry Cough Records. UK sludgers Moloch return after what seems like forever with two new songs while the rest of the split is taken up by the last recorded output of Lich (RIP). This LP was hotly anticipated before it's release in January, via Dry Cough, Vetala Productions and Vendetta Records. It's a beautiful package too with cover art that's clear of writing and solid black vinyl. A strong start to the year.

Bitter and tortured screams alongside low-rumbling bass/guitar and semi-improv drumming makes up Moloch’s first song Disability. It also aptly describes their sound as a whole. Similar in vein to previous Dry Cough label mates Open Tomb and Ommadon, the music contained here is harrowing and intense. Holding The Hand Of Someone Dying is amongst the most vivid song-titles you’re likely to see. Musically, it’s just as vivid. Moloch’s song writing always remains strong, even after long breaks between recordings and they’ve come back stronger than ever here. The raw energy and thick production reminds you that Moloch aren’t out to harness a squeaky clean sound, but instead they prefer to frighten and unsettle the listener. Their side is both brilliant and brief. Hopefully there’s more on the horizon. Lich’s side is a polar opposite as their opener Beggar’s Teeth is a feedback-ridden slab of noisy and heavy hardcore. Lich left us far too soon as demonstrated with the incredible Rat King. Taking no prisoners they launch through the first of two sub one-minute tracks that are akin to powerviolence. The second of the two, Fields Of Malice is no different. The pauses in between songs only act as mere breaks and Negation Delirium proves that fast is good when done right. The riffs at times are almost metallic-hardcore levels of good (I’m talking about the likes of Rot It Hell and Integrity here, you know, decent stuff!), especially on Dead Water. There are some faint traces of sludge within their music though and Disir is a case in point. Subtle slower tempo riffs flow into off-kilter craziness to make it their standout in my opinion. The noise level on Lazarus Pit makes you feel as though it’s you fighting for your life. Hat Trick Of Idiocy ends it all with one last splurge of chaos. It’s hard not to enjoy this record. I have come to two conclusions as I get my breath back; A) Moloch has written the two best doom songs of 2016 already and B) Lich should come back and be a band again. 

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