Wednesday 16 March 2016

Idols Of Apathy - Life Lessons EP


1. Bipolar
2. Addiction
3. Once Upon A Cheat//Always
4. Backstabber
5. Lessons Learnt

While checking out Essex tech-metallers Idols To Apathy prior to this review, it struck me just how much they care about the people who have shown interest in them by picking up Life Lessons and asking about live shows etc. It made me realise that even though we malign social media nowadays, not enough bands truly treat it as a way to reach out to fans and interact with them. It's not just all about how many "likes" you page or post gets, it's about actually taking the time to talk to people and show that you're human too.

Idols To Apathy are a six-piece who released their debut EP "Unheard Words" in February 2014. After a brief hiatus, they returned in December last year with this new EP. Since it's release they've shared stages with While She Sleeps and have been featured in both Metal Hammer magazine and on their cover mount CD.

Idols Of Apathy comes from a modern crop of young bands, who are influenced by both metal and hardcore and that have very strong technical ability. This EP’s opener Bipolar features vocals inspired by both death metal and post-hardcore, while keeping the riffs heavy and the drums powerful. Yes it’s angular and downtuned, but if you persevere there are some subtle In Flames going on and some nice clean melodies towards the end. Idols Of Apathy are certainly aiming for total pit carnage with Addiction. It seems to switch up the pace and the brutality. The post-hardcore earthiness hidden underneath the screams is a nice touch as well. It wouldn’t a modern metal record without a bit of electronica, but even that which opens Once A Cheat//Always is pleasurable to listen too. The song that it reveals is more of the same from the band, but that’s not a negative because it’s played so well. There’s still enough variation inside to keep you listening. Backstabber is a bitter rager. It’s subject matter adding an extra element to the overall feel of the song and IOA’s heavy approach. EP closer Lessons Learnt provides one last high-intensity blast of their progressive metal. The production of Life Lessons is as tight as you’d expect, but it allows Idols Of Apathy to play to their strengths. This is a strong EP from a band very much taking the next step up.

You can stream and purchase a download of Lessons Learnt below:-

Idols Of Apathy also has a merch store with physical copies of the EP for sale, as well as shirts -

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