Monday 21 March 2016

New Song Streams Feat. The Brood & Nordwitch

The Brood

First up is London (UK) based grindcore band The Brood and the track Of Guts And Fire, which will be on their debut full length "The Truth Behind", being released by US grind powerhouse Give Praise Records. The Brood has been smashing out nasty hardcore-filled grind since 2014 and is made up of members from the UK, Spain and France. 

Of Guts And Fire is just over two-minutes of raging, heavy grind with plenty of riffs thrown in for good measure. Keeps an eye on their Facebook page for news on the release and for future live dates -

The Brood online store -


Next up is the song No Regret by Ukrainian/Hungarian black/death band Nordwitch. Tbey began their occult journey just over a year ago. There is a record on the way but for now No Regret acts as a taster of what's in store.

If you enjoy hellish blackened death metal that incorporates stunning lead work, you'll find plenty to like. Keep checking Nordwitch's Facebook page for release news -

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