Monday 28 March 2016

Cerebric Turmoil - Neural Net Meltdown


1. Introduction
2. Twitching Eye Staccato
3. Secluded Out Of Touch By Avoiding Mankind
4. Metaphysics (SKIT)
5. Discordian Equilibrium
6. Grotesque Dreaming
7. Soul Famine
8. Bitstorm
9. Tangled In Trial And Error Scenarios
10. Vile Effect Momentum

I wanted to write one last review today and this record caught my attention. It's the debut album from German technical death metal band Cerebric Turmoil. Cerebric Turmoil started out as Chaosphere in 2004 before changing their name two years later. They released a demo and a split before splitting in 2008. When 2010 came around they reformed and went through various line-up changes, while releasing demo and split before releasing their debut album in November last year via Amputated Vein Records. The main reason for this catching my eye was because Chris Reese (Corrupt Moral Altar, Horesbastard) did session vocals on the album, as well as other guests. 

The glitchy sci-fi Introduction builds expectation before Twitching Eye Staccato mixes slam with mind-bending rhythms, chaotic tempos and high/low death vox. Drinking from the stable that in the past housed Gorguts and Cynic, Cerebric Turmoil infect their death metal with improvisational jazz to make their concoction even more bewildering. Secluded Out Of Touch Be Avoiding Mankind features bass licks that are hard to keep up, while the riffs and sweep-picking aren’t far behind. I’m only two full songs in and already I see no point in trying to even describe this album! CT see fit to break things up with Metaphysics (SKIT) acting as an interlude. Just when you think Neural Net Meltdown couldn’t get anymore mental, you get Discordian Equilibrium. CT fits so much into the song and Chris sounds like three people, let alone one person such are his erratic vocals. The further you get into the record the harder it gets to keep focused on what’s going on. I mean that in a positive way though, because it may be chaotic and technical but it’s played in a controlled manner by clearly strong musicians (a perfect example being Grotesque Dreaming). The guitar textures during the opening bars of Soul Famine are otherworldly, though there are later moments where the song-structure could almost be considered normal. Bitstorm follows in a similar fashion. There’s more slam going on here and the jazz guitar is extremely good in between the brutality. Tangled In Trial And Error Scenarios is the sound of a band completely conformable in their ability and song-writing. There’s nothing trial-and-error about it (sorry). By the time album closer Vile Effect Momentum comes around, you’re either very much alive or dead. Levelled by the sheer breathe of this record but feeling euphoric that you’ve survived it’s continuous onslaught. This might just be the best tech-death record I missed out on last year but glad to have had the chance to hear it now. Incredible!

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