Monday 8 June 2015

Old Skin - Like Crows Tape


1. Like Crows
2. Hideous Heart
3. By The Wayside

When Esoteric Youth called it a day, it felt like there was going to be a big gulf in the Northern metallic hardcore/noise scene. Thankfully though, that gulf is being filled by fellow Mancunian's Old Skin. After the release of their very limited CD :Consume: last May, Like Crows was released via CoF Records (UK) and Smithsfoodgroup DIY (NLD) in December. Limited to 100 copies, this tape typifies all that is good about DIY tapes, featuring a cracking printed card sleeve, matching on-body tape print and mini art card inserts. 

Old Skin have always been able to build atmosphere on previous releases and the intro to Like Crows is not different. Acoustic guitar, low clean singing and noise that builds but not fully, shows a different side to the band but one that keeps expectation running high for anybody familiar with them. Talking of familiarity, Hideous Heart heads in a more comforting direction for those expecting metallic hardcore. It’s not entirely straightforward though, as Old Skin take time to hit full voice. When they do though, its worth the wait. They go out in full grinding fashion on closing track By The Wayside, which feature overflowing urgency and groove. Old Skin has always been solid musically and this tape hints at a more varied approach from the band. Hopefully there’s more to come from them this year or next, as it would be a pity to lose them too.

The tape version of Like Crows is long since sold out from the band but it's available as a free download via bandcamp below:-

You can still pick copies up from Smithsfoodgroup DIY below:-

Smithsfoodgroup DIY -

Old Skin Facebook -
CoF Records Facebook -
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