Saturday 27 June 2015

Allfather - No Gods. No Masters. EP


1. The Great Destroyer
2. No Justice/No Peace
3. Post-Austerity Blues
4. The Worms Won't Have Us

Here's the debut EP from Kentish doom/sludge/hardcore quartet Allfather. "No Gods. No Masters." was released digitally in April. The South of England is brimming with loads of great heavy bands right, including Torpor and Sea Bastard, yet there's always room for more in my opinion. Allfather have managed to get on bills alongside Pay No Respect and Title Fight merely a month after the EP release, so they must have made a decent impression.

Like a faster version of Sea Bastard or a groovier version of Teef, Allfather kick out some loud hardcore-tinged jams on No Gods. No Masters. The Great Destroyer is full of anti-political sentiment and anger. Not to mention cracking instrumentation and vox. Rifling through No Justice/No Peace, there’s a curios hint of melody in the vocals. It’s faster and takes some cues from the abstract side of punk. It’s definitely worth playing this to your god-fearing friends. What follows is a dense and brief blast of hardcore in Post-Austerity Blues, followed by fuzzed out bass and guitar on The Worms Won’t Have Us. This whole EP is a nod to the declining dirtiness of our fair isle. The anger that Allfather feel is more than palpable and it’s well worth getting behind, as it improves the experience of No Gods. No Masters perfectly. Whoever said it was “Grim Up North” hasn’t been down South recently!

You can stream the EP and download it (pay-what-you-want) here:-

Allfather -

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