Wednesday 24 June 2015

Blaze Of Perdition - Near Death Revelations


1. KrA"lestwo Niczyje
2. Into The Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light

It takes a huge amount of grace and character for band to carry on after a tragic event. Blaze Of Perdition know this only too well. Their new full-length Near Death Revelations tells their story via gloriously belligerent black metal. This album is their way of announcing their return to the stage and indeed to extreme metal as a whole. Near Death Revelations is due for official release on June 26th via Agonia Records.

Long after certain bands went the way of death metal, the black fires are still burning in Poland. Blaze Of Perdition prove that their passion for extreme metal is still raging on Near Death Revelations. KrA”lestwo Niczyje is provides them with a gargantuan platform in which to spread their occult hatred. The mother tongue of vocalist S makes their black metal sound more menacing, while the metallic guitar and occasional solos sound masterful amongst the backdrop of warp-speed drumming. They turn up the pace on Into The Void Again, which flows with impressive urgency but one that still allows you to enjoy it. Thankfully Blaze Of Perdition have the wherewithal to maintain a high level of songwriting, so the song doesn’t become lucid or atonal. To me, that is a sign of good musicians who know how to craft an album. As When Mirrors Shatter begins, it reminds me of when I first came into contact with black metal through magazines like Rock Sound and Kerrang!. Those early steps resulted in me listening to bands like Dimmu Borgir and similar bands, who were average at best when I look back now. Hearing bands like Blaze Of Perdition and UK bands like Nordland has helped me really appreciate the craft involved in creating really engaging black metal. When Mirrors Shatter itself is full of subtle layers of instrumentation and vocal work that encases you. Things hit a rampant high on Dreams Shall Flesh, which is full of manic double-bass. It’s kept in check by shorter introspective passages that break up the pace. The dark and dank atmospherics that nestle in the music are the strongest textures on Near Death Revelations. Cold Morning Fears is utterly brilliant with its mix of ambient clean guitar, solos and more technicality than your average tech-death band. That technicality is used subtly though and doesn’t lord over the rest of the music. Prior to their closing number, Blaze Of Perdition fit in The Tunnel, which is a short instrumental interlude. That interludes leads to Of No Light, which is the most majestic song on Near Death Revelations. It’s a good ploy to wait until the end of the album to unleash it as well. It brings Blaze Of Perdition’s overall performance into even greater perspective and proves that they’re well and truly back. I know that plenty of heavy metal media outlets have already clambered to get their reviews of this record out there and to be honest, I can’t blame them. Near Death Revelations will definitely have a big impact on this year’s “best-of” lists, especially due to it’s quality and heartfelt delivery.

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