Sunday 14 June 2015

Edalene - I'm Still Here EP review + stream

Chances are you won't recognise the name Edalene. This Sydney quintet only formed in February 2015 and self-released their debut three-track EP I'm Still Here in May. They got in contact with me shortly after I posted a review featuring fellow Aussie band Regresser. Edalene count bands such as Pianos Become The Teeth and I Hate Myself amongst their influences and they form part of a flourishing Australian melodic hardcore/screamo scene. They've given me special permission to stream I'm Still Here via my blog's bandcamp page to help spread the word, which you'll be able to find towards the bottom of this post. 


1. Ryerose
2. Awakening
3. A Tuesday In June

While doing some research into Edalene for this feature, I noticed that the recording for their debut EP was done in their guitarist’s bedroom. Only the drums were recorded in the studio. It was only when I pressed play on opening song Ryerose, that that sentence hit home because the quality of this EP is so strong in both song-writing and production. The song features a striking chorus of coarse/clean vocals, powerful drumming and plenty of melody. Edalene certainly seem very assured, more so than you normally here on a band’s debut release. I don’t want to go on talking about comparisons to other bands here, for that reason. Awakening takes subtle cues from pop-punk during it’s melodic passages and turns up the energy levels, as if Edalene are building towards something bigger. Finishing with A Tuesday In June, they don’t allow their momentum to slip and the up-tempo nature of their music really does make that crescendo-effect stand out. 2015 is getting better and better music-wise. It’s been awesome to hear more melodic hardcore and screamo with substance lately, like Regresser and UK act Faces Of Eve. Edalene are added to that list and typify everything that is good about those genres. 

As I mentioned above, I've put I'm Still Here up for promotional streaming via the blog's bandcamp. You can access the stream below:-

You can download the EP for free here -

Edalene Facebook -

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