Monday 29 June 2015

Exciting Noise: What's Out There And What's To Come

This little round-up morphed out of a Facebook post I made a couple of months ago, where I shared and tagged a load of newly released or up-coming music and bands that I was excited about. I've decided it would gain more traction if I posted it here instead. It's not exhaustive but features things I've seen or heard that will hopefully get a few people interested enough to check it out.

Firstly, starting with underground label Goatprayer Records (the label that introduced me and many others to Napalm Christ) who've recently posted pre-orders for new tapes by UK death/black metal acts Vacivus and Bonetomb. Both are shifting so head to Goatprayer's store to grab them now. Both Halo Of Flies and Here And Now Records (apologies, can't find a page link) have started pre-orders for the new Suffering Mind/Lifes Split 7". Pre-order here (US peeps) and here (Euro peeps). Liverpool's finest sludgers Iron Witch have announced a new single and tape, that's available through Secret Law Records and features a new line-up. The new single "Left Behind" will feature on the new album out Winter 2015. Finnish black metallers Pantheon Of Blood have approved the tests for the vinyl pressing of Tetrasomia. It will be released via Deviant Records soon. Cult UK black ambient label Glorious North Productions has just released a very limited 50 tape run for new UKBM act Helledeofol. Also, longrunning black metal band Caina has announced that they will be releasing a new LP in 2016 and have signed to new label Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

You can stream various things by some of the bands mentioned in this post below:-

Vacivus - Rite Of Ascension EP

Bone Tomb - Tombs Of Blood EP

Suffering Mind/Lifes - Split 7" Stream

Helledeofol - Beyond All Evil

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