Friday 5 June 2015

Great Reversals/Sunlight Ascending - Split 7"


1. Great Reversals - Renaissance
2. Sunlight Ascending - Momentum Wheel

Summer has finally broken through the thick clouds here and how have I celebrated it?, by having a stupidly hot chili. In turn, I've promised myself a night taking care of a couple of posts I've been meaning to do for a little while. You may remember me featuring Detroit, Michigan's Great Reversals and their 7" Natural Burial a while back. I felt like re-visiting their back catalogue and wanted to check out this split with fellow countrymen Sunlight Ascending, which was released at the beginning of 2014. I don't know too much about Sunlight Ascending, so hope this is a good introduction. 

Natural Burial was a great intro to Great Reversals and working backwards with them seems a bit odd, but here I am. Their contribution to this split, Renaissance is just as big as the songs on that 7”. I like the contrast between the coarse hardcore vocals and the post-hardcore melody and atmosphere that creeps into the song from time to time. They’ve made proper use of their side of the split and it’s good to hear. Sunlight Ascending appear more laid-back during Momentum Wheel’s opening. They are a wholly instrumental band, that features post-hardcore instrumentation. Melodic guitars and subtle ambient sounds temper the aggression from GR’s side but there’s still a decent crunch at times. One thing’s for sure though, they are very proficient musicians. In fact, this whole split it a great listen. It’s great to hear two bands doing different things with a similar template. Awesome!

You can stream and download it from Great Reversals here:-

Physical 7"s can be purchased via Great Reversals here -

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a digital store for Sunlight Ascending and I know that some were given away as part of a Kickstarter they were doing, but look them up as they may have some copies left.

Great Reversals Facebook -
Sunlight Ascending Facebook -

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