Saturday 27 June 2015

Art Of Burning Water/Isolation Tank - Start Tomorrow Split 7"


1. Art Of Burning Water - Talking To Will Elvin About Al Kizys
2. Art Of Burning Water - Birmingham Is Not The Same Without You
3. Art Of Burning Water - No, I Won't Still Be Loving You Tomorrow
4. Isolation Tank - Binge
5. Isolation Tank - Skin Prison
6. Isolation Tank - Threads

Late last year saw the release of this split between two of the UK's busiest noise bands (in recent times anyway). Art Of Burning Water were pretty busy last year, releasing this 7" alongside their latest full-length, while Isolation Tank made their first foray onto vinyl. It was brought into this world by a trio of UK labels, Superfi Records, Survivor Guilt Records and Vetala Productions. I'm casually late in reviewing it as usual!

Both bands contribute three songs to this split. Art Of Burning Water’s song contain titles with references that I’m probably not meant to get, but that’s not the point as they play such heavy music anyway. They seem to have taken black metal into their noisy stable of late and their opener Talking To Will Elvin… is utterly oppressive. Things don’t get any better on Birmingham…, where the sound pretty much sums up the glumness that you feel when venturing into the Black Country’s main city (apologies to people I know from Birmingham, but it is a little depressing). Art Of Burning Water are a lot more madcap than I remember and after the amusing sample, No, I Won’t Still Be Loving You Tomorrow is the exact opposite of a love song, It’s a sub one-minute blast of infectious yet chaotic noise. Isolation Tank fill their side with more feedback and drone, especially during the opening bars of Binge. Like AOBW, they don’t hang around and their particular brand of crusty powerviolence is equally as bewildering. Just like the charm of Magpies currently congregating outside my window, Isolation Tank are menacing on Skin Prison. They take no prisoners (no pun intended) and their dirtier sound is just right, especially during their riffier sections.This split ends in exactly the same way it started. Threads is steeped in grinding fury and bass-heavy noise, as Isolation Tank threatens to explode. I’m not sure if a band encased in wax has ever actually exploded, but that picture is easily conjured up after listening to this record. One is a veteran (if I can call them that) of the UK heavy music scene and the other is a relative newbie coming on strong, but as always, we’ve been shown the way by both Art Of Burning Water and Isolation Tank and are heading straight for the rocky outcrop that will spell out our fate!

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