Sunday 21 June 2015

Desert Afternoon - S/T EP


1. Cammelli Fertili, Deserto Mobili
2 Racconti Pomeridiani

I started writing this review while I was halfway through my recent feature on Mind Ripper Collective, but then my Internet connection started to intermittently started to fail. Considering that I rely on a constantly functioning connection to keep this thing going, it's still my worst enemy. This review is actually part of a renewed effort by me to post up some obscure bands and releases that are a bit older. Desert Afternoon are a sort of math-screamo band from Italy who contacted me a while back about their two-track EP. There's little or nothing online about the band and it may not even be a band still, but it's always good to explore obscure gems from time to time. What I do know is that it's the solo-project of a dude called Edwin, from Italian hardcore band Seesaw.

All instruments are played by Edwin here and Desert Afternoon plays cool and violent screamo that sounds like a cross between Shizune and Blue Friend. Cammelli fertili… begins with light and mathy instrumentation before relenting to subtle emo-violence. There’s still melody sitting below it and that keeps an awesome vibe going. Racconti Pomeridiani is more urgent straight from the off. There’s definitely a place for Desert Afternoon in people’s consciousness. Italy kills it as far as I’m concerned and Desert Afternoon is well worth checking out, as I’m sure this EP passed a lot of people by.

You can stream the EP and grab it as a name-your-price download here - 

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