Thursday 25 June 2015

Hellbound - Rhythm & Booze


1. Curb Warfare
2. Moose Knuckle
3. Wheelbite
4. Rhythm & Booze
5. Wasters
6. Stone Eyes

I saw this North-East lot in Leeds back in April, supporting Belgian's Outline. They came armed with groove-laden hardcore that made the mixed bill that night even more fun. They played songs from their EP Rhythm & Booze that came out via Footloose Records late last year. They regularly spotted on stage in Middlesborough and the surrounding area and they're working on new tunes at the moment. 

Taking cues from Cancer Bats, Pantera and following in the footsteps of Sheffield’s Relics on this blog, Hellbound bring stoner-groove and hardcore bite on Rhythm & Booze opener Curb Warfare. Hellbound major on big riffs and really solid lead-work, while keeping the aggressiveness level high. Moose Knuckle’s intro is so catchy and soon the song morphs into a fast slab of crossover. They’re frenetic on Wheelbite, which conjures up visions of rabid circle pits and flailing limbs. I remember there was lots of jumping at the Leeds show and seem to remember one guy two-stepping quite a bit, while Hellbound played. The title-track sums Hellbound up, with rowdy shouty hardcore and gang-vox. If bands like Orange Goblin have become the drinker’s favourite heavy band, there’s no reason why Hellbound can’t follow in the same way live. The breakdowns and the anger that’s present on Wasters are great if you want to get rid of frustration and lose your shit! The countrified EP closer Stone Eyes drags you into a false sense of security with great guitar work, before smashing one last breeze-block over your head. It’s their longest song and also their most sludge-filled. Hellbound accentuate how well cross-genre pollination works. Sorry if that sentence sound too pretentious, but it’s my way of saying they’re good. 

Stream and purchase the EP from Hellbound here:-

You can also grab is digitally from Footloose Records here - and physically from them here -

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