Friday 21 June 2013

ZOM - Multiversal Holocaust 7"

Dublin's ZOM have been talked about in hushed tones for some time now. After an initial demo in 2011 that was released by Invictus Productions, they followed with another in 2012 courtesy of Iron Bonehead Productions. They're back in 2013 with their first vinyl record, the Multiversal Holocaust 7". Comprising of two tracks, this brings their unholy black noise to more people just in time for their appearance Live Evil later this year.


1. Multiversal Holocaust
2. Terror of The Cosmos 

Multiversal Holocaust features just two tracks, but that's all ZOM need to hammer their rusty nail into your head. Starting with the title track, they settle into their blackened death metal almost instantly. The raw-sound and thrash metal elements make it perfect for those who like extreme metal. It does take a few listens to pick out some of the subtle intricacies within ZOM's music, but once you do it's well worth it. The vocals sound like barks coming from the jaws of Barghest himself and the slower riffs in the mid section create great atmosphere. After a final wave the thrashing grimness, it ends with an unsettling sample.

The B-side is Terror of The Cosmos, which follows on and maintains the unsettling atmosphere that ZOM set out to create. Ringing feedback plays alongside the sampled voice, before the low-end makes it's presence well and truly felt. The riffs here seem to take their cues from traditional heavy metal but once they are stood next those ungodly vocals, they change and sound nastier. It strikes me that with the sheer amount of extreme metal about now and with new bands appearing all the time, it's hard to plough a furrow for yourself, which is original. ZOM seem to manage it and exceed the expectations of the baying throngs by playing what they want to and by creating such a very all-encompassing sound. This 7" may be short, but as an introduction to the band or a sign of their progression from previous releases, it shines above all. Grimness isn't always black!

Listen to the title track at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud page below:-

You can purchase the 7" from Iron Bonehead Productions at

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