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Summer Sounds - Enjoyment Records

Jeez, where does the time go. It's already mid-June and we've just passed the Summer Solstice, which means we're now into six months of constant rain and darkness (probably). This is also my third label feature of 2013, which in itself is pretty rad as I didn't think I get this far, due to my laziness and/or interruptions. Anyway, I've decided to write about a label that I've been repping for a while and who's owner Dale, has been a kind supporter of This Noise Is Ours for just as long. I don't know many other labels that have such a varied roster and with it's 2013 releases coming thick ans fast at the moment it seemed like the perfect opportunity to focus on four of them. I've decided to mix it up a bit as well, by focusing on two new and two not so new releases.

Saint Coltrane/Weird Wives - Split 7"

I thought I'd start with one older releases but one which I think epitomises Enjoyment's roster and approach to releasing music. This split release features Saint Coltrane from Brighton, who play a kind of arty/jangly take on hardcore-punk and Weird Wives, a mad-ass punk band from Miami! Each band contributes one track to the split.


1. Saint Coltrane - Iron Dracula
2. Weird Wives - Gila

Saint Coltrane's contribution Iron Dracula starts with some pretty experimental guitar and bass. It's hardcore but not as we know it! I can see it being the kind of punk that Maximum Rock n Roll will dig. I actually own this 7" and it's a great listen when I want something a little out of the ordinary. It reminds me of when I was getting into punk, other than just the normal pop-punk type stuff. Saint Coltrane reminds me slightly of when I first heard Million Dead. They have that same chaotic sound. Good stuff.

Weird Wives carry on the arty vibe with Gila. I may be doing both bands a disservice by referring to their music as arty, but it doesn't fit any mould that I know of. Being from Miami, you'd expect Weird Wives to frequent a basement club, where people in the know go to check out bands. They really compliment Saint Coltrane's side as well, managing a sound all of their own while still somehow injecting an element of British-ness into it.

This 7" may only be a taster of what both bands can create, but if you're new to both bands then it's a great place to start. The record also comes in two rather nice hues. A Red/Yellow mix and a Grey/White/Blue tri-colour version. If you like vinyl and nice hardcore/punk, you can't really go wrong.

Hear it for yourself here:-

There are still copies of both colour variants of this record available on Enjoyment's store and each record comes with a free download code, which features a bonus track from each band.

Store -

Saint Coltrane Facebook -
Weird Wives Blog -

Indian Taker/Shortcuts - Split 7"  

This split was released earlier this year. This release was collaborative one between Enjoyment Records, Quote Your Pulse Records from the US and Guys With Beards from Ireland. Indian Taker are a punk-rock band from California and Shortcuts are a melodic hardcore/emo band from Essex, UK. This split was pressed as four different colour variants too, for all of you who collect vinyl. There's transparent red, transparent green, transparent Orange and also violet.


1. Indian Taker - Growing Feigns
2. Indian Taker - Interlude
3. Indian Taker - Foxholes
4. Shortcuts - Wonderland
5. Shortcuts - Bowling

This is another 7" that I own (not bragging!). Indian Taker is up first, with three songs, ones an interlude but to me it still counts. Opener Growing Feigns is an upbeat melodic punk/screamo song with verse vocals that remind of La Dispute. The chorus is pure summer though! It's definitely very danceable, but not in a cheesy way. The interlude is just that, a break between songs and if I'm being honest, I'm not sure why it's there. I just want more punk rock! Their second song proper - Foxholes, is another hook filled punk song. The great thing is that Indian Taker don't just sound like a Blink-182 or Green Day clone, as they very much have their own sound. The country-style guitar and the brass instruments that pierce their sound add more variation and make them more unclassifiable than some of their peers.

Shortcuts play more to the point, but still with a great sense of melody and fun. Wonderland's gritty attitude and more rough and ready sound go hand in hand, which is an effect that only UK bands seem to pull of properly. Bowling is very much the same and it helps Shortcuts to compliment Indian Takers cleaner sound. The production though of both sides of this split is great and allows both bands varying styles to come across well. That solo at the end of Bowling is genius too!

Like all other Enjoyment Releases, it's available for full streaming on bandcamp:-

If you're in the UK, you can pick copies up from Enjoyment's store here -

Indian Taker Facebook -
Shortcuts Facebook -

Nathan Detroit - S/T 7"

Now, I'm heading into virgin territory. This 7" is one of Enjoyment's newest releases. Nathan Detroit is a pop-punk band from Trowbridge in Wiltshire, UK. This is a little different to previous releases as it's a limited lathe cut record and is the first one that Enjoyment has released. Nathan Detroit are bringing back the good vibes.


1. Hold On Tight
2. 17
3. Come Home

You know you get those days where you just need something that's not brutal or angry to listen to. The first thing you reach for (if your me) is pop-punk. Punk just like the type that Nathan Detroit plays. The melodies of the guitars are there to smile, the drums hop and skip just like they should and the vocals are clean, with brill harmonies.

Hold On Tight is the perfect opener and it's too the point. 17 is song to help you reminisce about easier days, when you have no responsibilities or cares. Come Home sounds so familiar in its style, yet original at the same time. The production of the record is spot on too. All of the instruments and vocals are clear, as you'd expect with a punk record. You won't be paying attention to that though, as you'll most likely just be lost in the music. Damn I want to see these guys live!

All three tracks are streaming on Bandcamp:-

You can pick a physical copy of this 7" in a double pack with the Second To Last - Vessels 7" here -

Nathan Detroit Facebook -

Axes - S/T 12"

This is the newest record to come from Enjoyment and is a pretty big deal for the label. They are working alongside Big Scary Monsters, who are releasing this record on CD, by releasing a 12" version.  Axes are a London based band featuring members from as far away as Iran and Denmark, as well as Scotland and Essex! They play a dissonant version of indie laced punk and have a penchant for funny song titles, as you'll see below.


1. Wet Wet Wet Wet
2. Let Me Tell You Something About Pepe
3. Jon Bonjela
4. Rainbow Bacon
5. Middle East 17
6. Manolis Hadja Manolis
7. Fleetwood Math

That dissonant sound starts straight away with the intro bars of Wet Wet Wet Wet, but it soon fuses into a brass-laden instrumental song, somewhere between indie and screamo. This may sit at the more pop end of the Enjoyment Records roster, but it's exactly what you'd expect the label to put out if you've been following them for some time. Let Me Tell You Something About Pepe has a bit of a country music vibe to it, thanks to some clever guitar work. You're pretty much forced just to sit back and enjoy this, as without vocals you can really appreciate the instrumentation for what it is.

Axes keep you guessing with their musical direction because the amusingly titled Jon Bonjela has a 70s rock n roll feel. After a while it goes all danceable and features some great lead guitar towards the end. It genuinely is hard to categorise Axes and as such, I'm not gonna bother trying. If you want something out of this world to listen to, just stick on fourth song Rainbow Bacon. It has some of the strangest guitar picking I've ever heard in it. You'll know what I mean you listen to it!

I really like their jazz-inspired moments a lot and the fact that you can't pin down a tempo for more than a few bars. It makes the music interesting and keeps you hooked. Even the song-title Middle East 17 made me snigger. Manolis Hadja Manolis follows in the same vein but is more math orientated and is pretty stop-start. Fleetwood Math isn’t, as I'd expect. I thought it would be equally as mathy, but it isn't. It's actually a really pleasant end to the album. 

Overall, this record wasn't what I was expecting. Then again, I didn't really know what to expect. I really like the look of the finished vinyl product as well. It's a chilled out, well-played album, which definitely adds something to Enjoyments existing roster.

Have a listen to the record here:-

You can buy the record here -

Axes Facebook -

So, there you go. A brief look at a UK label who are very much on the up. There are more new releases still to be announced by them but for now, just explore what is already out there.

Enjoyment Records Website -
Enjoyment Records Facebook -

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